Question of the Day: What do you prefer using to apply your foundation?

I think this is one of the most troublesome questions – every time I get a foundation there is a dilemma what to use with it? My fingers? Foundation or stippling brush? Or may be a beauty blender? Or sponge? Or probably there’s something else out there that gives flawless application of your favorite foundation?



My thoughts on: MAC Prep+Prime Fix+

About a month ago I started new series of posts called “My thoughts on …” which represent what I think of a certain product or products in a form of a review and usually these are the products that I personally use daily and that are really good for some specific purpose. So today I decided to tell you what I think about quite a well-known makeup finishing spray – MAC Prep+Prime Fix+.


Tip of the day: what I do to look good when I have no time

Sometimes we all find ourselves in quite an uncomfortable situation when we have to look amazing but we barely have any time to do anything about our look. And I have some tips and ideas how to instantly amp up our look but still spend only 5-10 minutes to do that.

If you only have 10 minutes to get ready – continue reading this post for an advice!