Review of the Day: Sleek Corrector And Concealer Palette

The most effective method to instantly make your face look fresh, your skin look rested and your appearance seem brighter is to cover under-eye circles. I do believe that there are people who have no dark circles or under-eye bags. But I am not one of them as well as the majority of people I know. And I love my concealers for the amazing magic work they do to my looks. Today I have the all-in-one product for your – Sleek Corrector And Concealer Palette!


Question of the Day: What is your favorite under-eye concealer?

Concealer is an essential part of my everyday makeup routine. I think, it does not only help with dark circles and imperfections, but lightens and brightens your face in general, making you appear well-rested and healthy. A good concealer is the one that does the job perfectly, remains undetectable on the skin and does not crease. I already have several favorites among concealers for the delicate under-eye area and I’d love share them with you. I also wonder, what are your favorite under-eye concealers?


Tip of the day: what I do to look good when I have no time

Sometimes we all find ourselves in quite an uncomfortable situation when we have to look amazing but we barely have any time to do anything about our look. And I have some tips and ideas how to instantly amp up our look but still spend only 5-10 minutes to do that.

If you only have 10 minutes to get ready – continue reading this post for an advice!