Kiehl’s Centella Recovery Skin Salve (Review)

Kiehl's Centella Recovery Skin Salve Review
Kiehl’s Centella Recovery Skin Salve

If there is an important beauty secret I’ve learned over the years – it is taking a very good care of your skin. A few simple steps help your makeup go on smoother and skin look healthier. But from time to time the majority of us experience some skin issues that does not necessarily mean battling oiliness or dryness of your skin – but breakouts, redness or other minor skin imperfections that tend to undermine all the makeup work we do.

Kiehl’s Centella Recovery Skin Salve ($43.00) – an effective moisturizer for dehydrated, sensitive skin. It soothes and conditions sensitive and temporarily irritated skin, helps soothe irritated skin after at-home microdermabrasion treatments and is gentle enough for use by all skin types.

I personally have a combination skin type that means that I experience oiliness on my forehead and chin and dryness on my cheeks. There isn’t a uniform solution to it rather than using a combination of different products to balance it out. If the dryness of the cheek area can be minimised with a good moisturizer – the oiliness of other areas is way harder to escape. This leads to occasional breakouts and redness, mainly on the forehead. 

These imperfections have always been my main concern but there had never been a really good solution to it. Until I discovered the Kiehl’s Centella Recovery Skin Salve. The product comes in a tube in the amount of 2.5 fl oz or 75 ml – that honestly is a huge amount as the usage is very moderate. It comes in a form of a gel-like cream and has a slightly pharmacological scent. It is officially advised that you use this cream ‘day and night on face and body as needed to help sooth temporary skin irritation‘. It is essential that this product can be used before sunscreen and makeup.

With the first use I noticed my redness and irritation fade away quite a lot. I was quite surprised and therefore continued using it daily as my night-time moisturizer and locally on the irritated areas during the day and before my makeup. Over a week and half I noticed a major improvement in my skin’s texture and the redness was completely gone. The amount of breakouts has significantly decreased in the course of a month and I currently enjoy the best condition my skin’s ever been in.

Kiehl’s Centella Recovery Skin Salve has enough moisturising properties to be a night-time cream for those with oily or combination skin but might not be enough for those with dry or very dry skin so I suggest using it in a combination with another face cream in that case. I love the idea of using it locally on the irritated areas and the fact that it can be used underneath makeup. The main ingredients are stated to be: Aloe to ‘soften, sooth and comfort skin‘, Honey to ‘create a watertight film, allowing the skin to rehydrate itself‘ and Tiger Herb (Centella Asiatica) to heal the skin as it is known for its ‘antibacterial, anti-psoroatic and wound-healing properties‘.

I have to admit that Kiehl’s Centella Recovery Skin Salve has become a skin care must-have of mine and I cannot imagine not having it at hand. Let me know if you’ve also tried it. What do you think of this moisturizer? What is your solution for breakouts and skin imperfections? How do you battle skin redness? Share your recommendations and thoughts in the comments down below!

Thank you very much for your attention.

Have an amazing day!

Hugs and kisses,

Dorothea ❤


2 thoughts on “Kiehl’s Centella Recovery Skin Salve (Review)

  1. Hi I got a little sample of this Skin-Salve as I have rosacea/sun damaged skin, the texture is beautiful and I did find a little improvement, the only ting was I would have needed a second sample to see if it really worked before I spent so much money on it, I have paid out so much money on Creams that DO NOT WORK, I got it here in Corralejo in Fuerteventura.

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