Nina Ricci Luna

Nina Ricci Luna Review
Nina Ricci Luna

Sweet fragrances are a soft spot of mine. If there is caramel, sugar or vanilla involved – consider it my new favourite from now on. Most of the time I end up purchasing a nice sweet gourmand fragrance there is and never get disappointed. Is there anything better than a sweet cozy fragrance during colder months of the year?

Nina Ricci Luna is a new release for Fall 2016 and I have already featured it in my wish list for October but couldn’t resist getting it sooner! Luna was created to extend the Nina Ricci line of Les Belles De Nina that already includes the Nina fragrance and its flankers. Luna is positioned as ‘a powerful and mysterious counterpart‘ to the Nina fragrance.

Nina Ricci Luna Review
Nina Ricci Luna

Nina Ricci Luna is available in the amount of 30, 50 and 80 ml and is an Eau de Toilette as for its strength. With the first sniff I knew I have to get a bigger bottle than I usually do, so I went for 50 ml that costed me around €50.00 (that would be somewhat 55 or 56 US dollars). The fragrance comes in a very beautifully designed white cardboard packaging with a blue apple on it and gold writing. Even though it is supposed to be a darker, mysterious version of the Nina fragrance – it looks more ethereal and clean rather than dark and enigmatic.

Nina Ricci Luna Review
Nina Ricci Luna

The fragrance can mostly be described as a sweet scent with a sour note. The pyramid opens with wild berries and orange blossom that are followed by caramel and immortelle in the hearth of the fragrance with it being based on sandalwood and Madagascar vanilla. The two dominant notes in it are caramel and orange blossom that both make the scent lean more gourmand and oriental rather than simply sweet. This adds something unique to the overall perception. The longevity of the fragrance is exceptional for the eau de toilette concentration and it also has a noticeable sillage that is actually not that overwhelming at the same time.

Nina Ricci Luna Review
Nina Ricci Luna

The bottle of this fragrance deserves a prize for the most beautiful and outstanding design of the year. It is shaped like an actual apple and has a blue gradient that makes it airy and light. The cap imitates apple leaves on a twig and the press point is strangely convenient to use. The part the spray that connects to the bottle has a black leather ribbon wrapped around. This is one of the most unusual, stunning fragrance bottles in my collection – being as gorgeous as the Victor&Rolf Bonbon fragrance.

Luna is the only fragrance I’ve been using during the last few days and I can’t get enough of it! It sits beautifully on the skin and clothes and has already got so many compliments. It is a cherished addition to my fragrance collection and is definitely an ideal choice for fall as Luna is so sweet, gourmand and oriental at the same time. I can even see it as an amazing option for winter as well. Love it so, so much!

What is your favourite and most used fragrance for fall? What sweet, gorumand or oriental fragrances would you recommend? Share your ideas and thoughts in the comments down below!

Thank you very much for your attention.

Have an amazing day!

Hugs and kisses,

Dorothea ❤


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