NARS Nail Polish Galathee (Review, Photos, Swatches)

NARS Nail Polish Galathee Review and Swatches
NARS Nail Polish Galathee

Even though I have been collecting nail polishes for quite a while now – there still are some shades that are underrepresented in my collection. As I love trying out everything new and explore new colour schemes and combinations I didn’t think twice when I saw the NARS Nail Polish in Galathee in store. Eventually, this cloudy grey shade made it to the top shelf of my favourite nail polishes.

NARS Nail Polish ($20.00) – Knockout color. Genius formula. Introducing the new NARS Nail Polish, formulated for nothing less than pure color perfection. Wildly chic, this brilliantly curated palette of extended wear enamels features a flexible, high gloss finish for a freshly-painted look that lasts.

NARS Galathee is the most beautiful grey nail polish I’ve ver seen – but it is unfortunately a limited edition shade. It was released for Fall 2013 together with the NARS Fury nail polish (rich purple ink) and I’m afraid that both shades are currently unavailable – though you can always find some really close dupes to it and use my review as an inspiration. I just can’t help sharing my excitement with you!

NARS Nail Polish Galathee Review and Swatches
NARS Nail Polish Galathee

NARS Nail Polish in Galathee was officially described as a ‘dove grey‘ and is a lightened grey cream with mostly neutral undertones and a touch of purple to it. It has a thicker formula that nevertheless spreads easily over the nail and evens out on its own. You have to apply two coats to get full opacity and it takes this nail polish a little over ten minutes to get completely dry.

NARS Nail Polish Galathee Review and Swatches
NARS Nail Polish Galathee

As the majority of NARS nail polishes I’ve tried, Galathee wore nicely for five days with very minor tip wear. It works well with both Essie base and top coat I always use with my nail polishes. The most amazing thing about the polish is how glossy it is even without a top coat and with top coat it looks extremely reflective! The shade is very unique and works with many skin tones due to its neutral undertones. I am completely in love with this shade and I think it looks especially gorgeous in the fall. 

Taking into account that Galathee is a limited edition shade and is likely to be unavailable for purchase anymore – I suggest finding dupes to it. Let me know if you know of any in the comments down below! And share you favourite grey nail polishes as well – I would really love to know!

Thank you very much for your attention.

Have an amazing day!

Hugs and kisses,

Dorothea ❤


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