It’s SKIN Have a Green Grape Cleansing Foam

It's SKIN Have a Green Grape Cleansing Foam Review
It’s SKIN Have a Green Grape Cleansing Foam

I won’t get tired of saying that cleansing your skin properly is not only a key to healthy looking skin but to a flawless makeup application. When you skin is clean and pure – any foundation glides on it like a dream, no patchiness, no clinging to dry spots and no imperfections as a result. I’m also a strong advocate of a double-cleanse technique that includes both: a cleansing oil and a cleansing foam. I’m currently using the It’s SKIN Have a Green Grape Cleansing Foam and have several thoughts to share with you.

It’s SKIN Have a Green Grape Cleansing Foam ($3.00) supplies abundant foam to cleanse and nourish drying complexion. Plenty of vitamins make skin bright and transparent.

It’s SKIN Have a Green Grape Cleansing Foam comes in a tube in the amount of 150 ml. It is advised to use a small amount of the product to massage the entire area. It  is a correct way to use it as a small bead is sufficient enough to cleanse your whole face – the product is very foamy. It has a slightly chemical grape scent that does not linger afterwards.

It is very important that the cleansing foam does not dry out your skin as the majority of such foams tend to do that. I’ve tried about ten cleansing foams so far and this one is one of the gentlest. It contains grape extract together with the threhalose that has amazingly high water retention capabilities and keeps your skin hydrated even after the cleansing process.

As I’ve already mentioned above taking care of your skin is essential and I personally prefer the Korean multi-step approach to it. As for the first part of skin care scheme you have to go through the double-cleanse to make sure your skin is purified from oils and water-based impurities. Cleansing oils are designed specifically to battle all the excess oils on your skin, both natural and cosmetic residue. My current favorite cleansing oil is the Holika Holika Seed Blossom Fresh Cleansing Oil. What is left on your face is usually water-based and the best way to clean your skin is to follow with the water-based cleansing formula such as a cleansing foam that completes the cleansing routine and re-establishes the pH-balance of your skin.

It’s SKIN Have a Green Grape Cleansing Foam works really well as a second step of my cleansing routine for two reasons: it leaves my skin feeling fresh and clean and it does not make it dry or too tight – it feels normal afterwards. It is a very basic step of your skin care – but the one not to be missed. I really feel my skin is getting clear and free of even minor imperfections if I follow all these steps.

Do you use cleansing foams? What else do you include into your cleansing routine? Share your answers and thoughts in the comments down below!

Thank you very much for your attention.

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2 thoughts on “It’s SKIN Have a Green Grape Cleansing Foam

  1. I’ve been seeing these pop up at Winners (Canadian version of TJMaxx) and I’ve been tempted! But I’ve got so many cleansers to use up first. But good to know this is foamy – I love foamy cleansers! I’m currently using the Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Cleanser. Another favourite of mine which is also really foamy is Shiseido’s Extra Creamy Cleansing Foam. 🙂

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