Nail Polish: ANNY Ski Over All

ANNY Nail Polish in Ski Over All Review and Swatches
ANNY Nail Polish in Ski Over All

Although I have quite a collection of nail polishes, collected in the course of more than a decade, I still find some gorgeous shades that I have no dupes to. I love fuchsia shades especially with a purple undertone and ANNY Ski Over All is a perfect match! I loved it so much that it even made it to my May Favorites!

ANNY Nail Polishes (€ 9,99) are well known for the excellent coverage, quick-drying formula, long-lasting and glossy finish.

ANNY permanent collection is extensive with quite a few new nail polishes being released each season as a part of the limited edition collections. As I can no longer find this particular shade on official website I assume it was a limited edition polish but I believe you can still find it in stores or suggest dupes in comments (I have one good dupe for you!).

ANNY Nail Polish in Ski Over All Review and Swatches
ANNY Nail Polish in Ski Over All

ANNY Ski Over All is a gorgeous cool-toned magenta purple shade with ultra-fine purple, fuchsia and blue shimmer that leaves the most beautiful sheen and makes the finish reflective and very dimensional. It is as good as the majority of ANNY nail polishes I’ve tried. It goes on completely opaque in two coats and works fine with my favorite Essie base and top coats. ANNY polishes come with one of the best nail polish brushes ever and I adore the cubic bottle so much as it definitely helps in detecting the right shade.

ANNY Nail Polish in Ski Over All Review and Swatches
ANNY Nail Polish in Ski Over All

ANNY Ski Over All is a great nail polish both in terms of application and wear time. It lasted on my nail for almost six days with very minor tip wear that occurred around the fifth day of wear time. Even though it does contain shimmer – it doesn’t go streaky or uneven. When removed it does not stain fingers and nails.

I am completely in love with this shade! It looks gorgeous on any skin tone and compliments any look. It is bold but in a very humble way that makes it appropriate for any occasion. I’ve been searching for dupes for quite some time now and I believe that the closest one would be China Glaze Don’t Make Me Wine, that is a tad warmer in undertone, but still looks quite the same on the nails.

Have you tried ANNY nail polishes? What are you favorites? Do you know of any dupes to ANNY Ski Over All? Share your thoughts, questions and recommendations in the comments down below!

Thank you very much for your attention.

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