Nail Polish: ANNY Milady Marsala

ANNY Milady Marsala 146.70 Review and swatches
ANNY Milady Marsala 146.70

I have been extremely busy lately and therefore I have really enjoyed those nail polishes that tend to last at least a whole week on my nails. If you are looking for such a nail polish – I would strongly advise trying ANNY nail polishes as this German brand definitely has one of the best nail polish formula out there while having quite an extensive color range at the same time. My most recent color obsession is a gorgeous marsala shade that is wonderfully recreated in a form of a nail polish known as ANNY Milady Marsala.

ANNY Nail Polishes (€ 9,99) are well known for the excellent coverage, quick-drying formula, long-lasting and glossy finish.

ANNY Milady Marsala is currently a part of the ANNY permanent nail polish range though is definitely is quite a recent addition to the collection. As all other ANNY nail polishes Milady Marsala comes in a very convenient cubic bottle that install allows you to determine the shade in your stash. The amount of product you get is 15 ml.

ANNY Milady Marsala 146.70 Review and swatches
ANNY Milady Marsala 146.70

ANNY Milady Marsala is a muted wine red shade with slightly pinky-purple undertones that leans crimson red in some lighting. The finish is a pure cream that easily evens out on its own. It definitely is one of the easiest nail polishes to apply as it goes almost opaque in a single swipe though I still prefer to apply two coats. It works fine with both base and top coats from Essie I love to use.

ANNY Milady Marsala 146.70 Review and swatches
ANNY Milady Marsala 146.70

Due to the fact that this particular color is neither cool- nor warm-toned it suits a ton of different skin tones and looks very flattering on my nails as it does not contradict with the pinker undertones of my skin. I also have to praise the ANNY nail polish brush that makes it extremely easy to maneuver around the cuticle and therefore the cuticle line always looks flawless. Milady Marsala lasted for 7 days on my nails with absolutely no chipping and very minor tip wear.

ANNY Milady Marsala is another gem among ANNY nail polishes and I can easily recommend checking it out if you like such deep wine shades – this nail polish is pretty awesome! ❤

Have you tried ANNY nail polishes? What are you favorites? Share your thoughts, questions and recommendations in the comments down below!

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6 thoughts on “Nail Polish: ANNY Milady Marsala

  1. I was wondering where you were! Nice to see an update from you. 🙂
    This polish is gorgeous – I love the colour, the name (“Milady Marsala” just rolls off the tongue!) and the sleek looking cube bottle! I’ve not seen this brand sold locally, unfortunately.

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    1. I have been so busy and stressed out but now I am extremely happy I have time to blog regularly – I have a ton of new reviews to share with you 😀 Milady Marsala is so gorgeous! I totally agree with you 🙂 ANNY is a German brand and it pops up here and three from time time abroad. I believe they are expanding the brand so it might be introduced in you country sometime soon as well… All ANNY nail polishes I’ve tried are of excellent quality and I really enjoying using them all 😀


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