Nail Polish: ANNY The New Copper

From time to time I reach for some unusual shades that I somehow have in my collection. One of such ‘strange’ shades is ANNY The New Copper that I got more out of curiosity than out of necessity. I thought that there was something unique and unusual about it and that was enough to justify the purchase. Though I still wonder what kind of shade it is…

ANNY Nail Polishes (€ 9,99) are well known for the excellent coverage, quick-drying formula, long-lasting and glossy finish.

ANNY The New Copper was a part of ANNY Luxury Mountain Resort for Holidays 2015 Collection. It was accompanied by five other gorgeous shades – six shades in total: two metallics, two creams and two top coats. I love ANNY seasonal collections as there are always some interesting shades there besides wearable basics.

ANNY The New Copper (swatches)
ANNY The New Copper (swatches)

ANNY The New Copper is a bright deep copper shade with a golden bronze sheen to it and a strong metallic finish. Due to the fact that this nail polish is highly metallic – it is inevitable that you will end up with brush strokes on your nails, although these strokes are not that noticeable. The shade is distinctively warm-toned and it does not really compliment my skin tone but I believe I can get away with it when I have a bit more tan.

ANNY The New Copper (swatches)
ANNY The New Copper (swatches)

As for the application characteristicsThe New Copper is a really nice nail polish. It is really easy to apply thanks to the original ANNY brush that simplifies the application process. The brush is not too big to be a good option for those with smaller nails and it still thin enough to allow you to maneuver around the cuticle with ease. The New Copper works nicely with base and top coats I use and wears perfectly well with minor tip wear for 5 days.

Final thoughts – this nail polish is too warm-toned for me. At least right now. Nevertheless, I have to admit that this particular shade is quite unique and beautiful and will suit me way more once I got tan. I also believe that it will look absolutely amazing on darker and yellower skin tones and it is an interesting alternative to the golden shades.

ANNY does amazing nail polishes with really good application and wear time characteristics and I do recommend checking these nail polishes out. I have quite a collection of their nail polishes already and have not been disappointed yet. The range of shades they offer is quite extensive and I think everyone can easily find something to one’s liking.

Have you tried ANNY nail polishes? What are you favorites? Share your thoughts, questions and recommendations in the comments down below!

Thank you very much for your attention.

Have an amazing day!

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