Nail Polish: ORLY Hot Tropics

I’ve always been fascinated by different shades of pink with orchid fuchsia being my absolute favorite one. No wonder I always tend to get makeup items, especially nail polishes, in such a mesmerizing color. In my previous post dedicated to ORLY nail polishes – I mentioned that I used to be a huge fan of the formula and color selection and I now keep rediscovering the brand by presenting you a true gem in my nail polish collection – ORLY Hot Tropics.

Orly Laquer Nail Polish ($8.50) – At ORLY we never stop looking for the next big idea. By keeping hot on the heels of the latest trends, our talented team of color experts deliver the bright ideas, hot colors and bold textures our fans love. Color is the foundation of everything we do. It is our heart, and soul, and the reflection of our multi-faceted personality. Full of the classics, the revolutionary and time-tested fan favorites the ORLY Permanent Color Collection has something for everyone.

ORLY Hot Torpics was launched within the ORLY Summer 2014 Baked Collection full of amazing almost neon shades. Even though it has already been two years since its release I spotted it in my local beauty store together with the ORLY Scandal, that I have already reviewed for you. Hot Tropics is a bright almost neon fuchsia pink shade with very strong purple undertones and tons of small crashed gold glitter. You can distinctively see shimmer both in a bottle and on the nails. The finish is creamy and glossy.

ORLY Hot Tropics Nail Polish (swatches) Review
ORLY Hot Tropics Nail Polish (swatches)

The formula is beyond praise. It is neither too thick nor too runny and is rich enough with pigment to go completely opaque with a single swipe. You always get an even amount of glitter and shimmer and all nails look exactly the same that rarely actually happens with the nail polishes that are packed with glitter so densely. One coat allows you to get almost full coverage and the second coat makes the shade even more vibrant and eye-catching. Hot Tropics has a very glossy finish on its own and it works perfectly well together with Essie base and top coats I prefer to use.

ORLY Hot Tropics Nail Polish (swatches) Review
ORLY Hot Tropics Nail Polish (swatches)

It is easy to apply and maneuver due to a long and thin brush that allows you to draw a very precise line around the cuticle. This is an amazing nail polish by all means. It lasted on my nails for full eight days with very minor tip wear and zero chipping. I simply had to remove it because my nails had grown and the nail polish was visibly far from the cuticle. Other than that – there were no reason to remove it!

I love absolutely everything about ORLY Hot Tropics. It is a gorgeous bright fuchsia with a twist that makes it no where near boring. Gold glitter refclets makes this nail polish stand out, make it very unique and I see myself reaching for it very often in the future. It is a perfect spring-summer shade that is fun and sophisticated at the same time. Hot Torpics has amazing application characteristics, it is easy to use and it dries quickly. It does not conflict with any base and top coats and stays put for ages. All these factors make ORLY Hot Tropics the most favorite and absolutely irreplaceable fuchsia nail polish in my collection!

I totally recommend trying ORLY Hot Tropics as it is stunning! It is available on the ORLY website and you may also find it on Amazon.

Thank you very much for your attention.

Have an amazing day!

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