Question of the Day: What is your go-to eye cream?

I’ve noticed that due to high amount of daily stress, work and a lack a sleep as a result I do tend to get visibly dark dark circles under my eyes. And if it was enough to use a concealer to cover them before  – I now require quite a layer of it and the dark circles are still not covered completely. Everyone has a busy life and I am pretty sure most of you could easily relate to this problem of mine. I’ve already tried quite a few different eye creams and have several favorites that work for me though I would love to try something new based on your recommendations!

My all-time favorite and a trustworthy eye cream is CLINIQUE All About eyes Rich, that I’ve already praised in one of my reviews. It is a very good moisturizer that absorbs instantly leaving your skin hydrated and fresh looking. I’ve noticed some de-puffing properties as well – it really helps to even out the under-eye area. As for the dark circles it does not help that much although I do not demand it for my morning eye cream – that is the task for the nigh-time moisturizer.

The best eye cream for the nigh time I’ve tried is Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Eye. I also featured it in my October Monthly Favorites that is how great this eye cream is! It smells like a mix of herbals and lavender and tingles a bit – and that is quite a nice sensation. You can feel the cream working and I can honestly say that it definitely helps with my dark circles quite a lot. It makes my under-eye area appear brighter and does not feel heavy at all. I always apply it before I go to sleep and it works throughout the night.

Another favorite of mine is The Body Shop Vitamin E Eyes Cube – it is a perfect on-the-go and immediate rescue product! Whenever I do not have time to use either one or even both of the above mentioned eye creams I always use this one before I apply my makeup. It is very cooling and lightweight besides being very brightening that makes this eye cream an ideal under-eye moisturizer and a perfect makeup base for the busy days. I even use it alone and I can definitely see it brightening, smoothing and refreshing the under-eye area. You can even take it with you as it comes in a stick form and is so easy to apply!

What is your favorite eye cream? How often do you use it? Have you developed a specific routine to take care of your under-eyes? Do you have dark circles and how do you cope with them? Share your answers, thoughts, ideas, tips and recommendations in the comments down below!

Thank you very much for your attention.

Have an amazing day!

Hugs and kisses,



11 thoughts on “Question of the Day: What is your go-to eye cream?

    1. The Body Shop Eyes Cube was once a limited edition and it is now added to the permanent range! Thank God! 😀 It is so great that I have a couple of brand new ones in my stash – in case I use it up – that actually is no where near 😛


  1. I typically just use a serum designed for face, paired with my face cream! I love the Olay Regenerist Serums. I think I read somewhere that eye creams were essentially like a good face cream but in a smaller bottle so I’m giving it a try lol So far so good! When I did use eye cream I love the CeraVe one!!

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    1. Thank you for sharing! 🙂 I do believe that eye cream is a good face cream and I totally get it that the amount is about 15 ml but at the same time eye creams have a very thin and lightweight consistency that absorbs instantly and works nice with concealers wheres not all face creams do that. Nevertheless, whenever I do not have time to apply my eye cream I just use the face cream for that purpose and it works just fine. Though I still prefer eye creams for such a delicate area.. 😉

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  2. I don;t have favorite eye cream now. I use some but can’t say they are worth recommending. I use cream two times a day and I guess that’s all my eye-care routine. I have fine lines from smiling, which are not seen with good moiturizer and mine not always moisturize my skin good enough in this area.


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