Nail Polish: Essie Big Spender

I’ve been really loving Essie nail polishes lately. There is something calming and pleasing when everything goes as planned and you manicure looks exceptionally beautiful. This is the case with every single one of my Essie nail polishes. And besides having an awesome formula, Essie offers an amazing range of shades. I’ve chosen a gorgeous deep orchid pink Essie Big Spender for the upcoming Valentine’s Day and I’m so happy about it!

Essie Nail Polish ($8.50) in Big Spender: Go for broke. This divine violet infused red nail polish looks like a million bucks. Sassy, flashy and rich, this lush lacquer declares: if you got it, flaunt it.

What is a better shade for the most romantic holiday ever than a bright yet sophisticated pink? Essie Big Spender, that is a member of the permanent collection, is exactly like that. It is one of my favorite pinks from the range and for a good reason – even though it is quite bright it still maintains a very classy look that suits any occasion, especially the Valentine’s Day.

Essie Big Spender Nail Polish (swatches) Review
Essie Big Spender Nail Polish (swatches)

Essie Big Spender is officially described as ‘a divine lush red-violet cream‘ and is a bright fuchsia orchid shade with a tiniest bit of raspberry violet in it that adds the depth to the shade without changing the its cool undertones. It is a cream nail polish and it glides on incredibly easily reaching full opacity in a couple of coats.

Essie Big Spender Nail Polish (swatches) Review
Essie Big Spender Nail Polish (swatches)

As usual, I used Big Spender with my all-time favorite Essie base and top coats and it dried completely in about 7 minutes. Due to how wide yet precise the brush is – it is always easy to apply the nail polish accurately around the cuticle. The finish is creamy and glossy that adds this extra oomph to the shade.

Orchid Inspiration | Essie Big Spender Nail Polish
Orchid Inspiration | Essie Big Spender Nail Polish

Big Spender does remind me of the bright pink orchida favorite flower of mine. It looks amazing on the nails and suits a lot of different skin tones. It is a gorgeous and very wearable bright pink shade with a twist due to a hint of violet and raspberry in it. If you are looking for a perfect Vantine’s Day nail polish – this is the one to check out!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Thank you very much for your attention.

Hugs and kisses,


Nail polish description and price are both taken from the Essie official website The picture of the universe is taken from


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