Question of the Day: Are you going to do a special makeup look for the Valentine’s Day?

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner! Can’t believe the time’s passing by so quickly and we are about to celebrate such a beautiful romantic day. I love Valentine’s Day for the cheerful feeling it creates – of love and hope no matter whether you are single or in a relationship. Valentine’s Day is a day of creativity for me, especially with makeup!

I am definitely going to do a special makeup look for the Valentine’s Day! Right now, I love the idea of using a mix of pastel, mauve and rose shades in combination with a brighter pops of fuchsia or pink – whether on the lid or on the lips. I think the rose-toned shades are a perfect choice for the love-inspired makeup look and mauve and pink eyeshadows usually do look great with a bold black liner along the lash line – it adds a dramatic feeling to the makeup look while maintaining the color theme.

I also think of using the matte or a liquid lipstick to balance out the brighter eye look and make it look more sophisticated yet romantic. MAC Well Dressed blush seems like a perfect choice for a very subtle light lavender-pink flush on the cheeks. And I strongly believe that glowing skin is a must for such a look!

  • What are you going to do for the Valentine’s Day makeup-wise?
  • Are you going to make any changes in your skincare routine prior the 14th of February?
  • Do you think of using a strobing technique to intensify the glow of the skin?
  • Or will you be focusing mostly on the matte textures and appearance?

Share your thoughts and ideas in the comments down below! I would really love to know!

Thank you very much for your attention.

Have an amazing day!

Hugs and kisses,



12 thoughts on “Question of the Day: Are you going to do a special makeup look for the Valentine’s Day?

  1. My husband and I don’t go out for V-day cause it’s just too busy and we hate crowds/waiting for things. So there is a 90% chance I’m going to sit around the house without a drop of makeup on, haha 🙂 I might paint my nails pink or something. That counts, right??

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