Nail Polish: Catrice Skies’ Force

I just have to publish another review on a nail polish even though I have recently shared my thoughts on a gorgeous Essie mauve nail color with you! Even though I am not that fond of a green shade as it is – Catrice Skies’ Force nail polish has stolen my heart from the very first sight!

Catrice Luxury Nail Lacquer (€3,49) – Peacock’s plumage. It doesn’t get much more splendid than this. The brilliant performance of the three limited nail polish colors is extremely convincing. You have a choice of shimmering plum gold, metallic blue-violet-grey and iridescent petrol – always with ultimate coverage.

Catrice Skies’ Force was a part of the limited edition collection that Catrice launched in Autumn 2014. Even though none out of three shades from this collection are currently available for purchase – I still want to share this gorgeous color with you. There might be some really close dupes out there or it could be an inspiration for you if you love greens with a twist!

Catrice Luxury Lacquer in Skies' Force Nail Polish (swatches) Review
Catrice Luxury Lacquer in Skies’ Force Nail Polish (swatches)

Skies’ Force is officially described as ‘an iridescent petrol‘ and I can only partially agree with it. Even though it has a hint of blue in itSkies’ Force is more green than petrol. It has a very light, almost translucent turquoise blue base packed with a huge amount of iridescent green particles that make this nail polish look more like a cool-toned green rather than petrol, though you can still catch blue specks here and there.

Catrice Luxury Lacquer in Skies' Force Nail Polish (swatches) Review
Catrice Luxury Lacquer in Skies’ Force Nail Polish (swatches)

As this nail polish has a shimmery (almost glittery) finish it is quite easy to apply as the brush distributes the color evenly but you still have to apply two to three coats to reach full opacity. The quality of this nail polish is quite high and is comparable to Essie nail colors. The brush is quite thin and precise that helps you to easily maneuver such a runny formula around the edges and cuticles without smearing the nail polish everywhere. Being glittery this nail polish dries extremely fast and works nicely with both Essie base and top coats.

You won’t find that many green nail polishes in my collection – maybe a couple or a bit more. I do not tend to get straight forward green nail polishes as I am not the biggest fan of green color. But when I first saw the Skies’ Force I knew I had to get it. It is a very unique shade of green almost emerald but with blue undertones. Glitter makes it appear very dimensional on the nails and it is as eye-catching as a peacock’s tail that was the inspiration behind the whole collection.

That is the only kind of green I like seeing on my nails. What green nail polishes do you like? Share your favorites in the comments down below! I would really love to know!

Thank you very much for your attention.

Have an amazing day!

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