Makeup Staple: Nars Tahiti Laguna Bronzing Powder

It’s been quite some time already since I published my latest makeup staple review. I love such posts but the products really have to deserve a place among my makeup staples and it does not happen that often. I may love the product and I may really enjoy using it but it takes time for me to realize that there is actually nothing else out there to replace it. As for the bronzer I have been looking for my perfect bronzer for a couple of years now and I’ve never got to purchase the famous NARS Laguna Bronzing Powder until it was released in a limited-edition packaging with a mini NARS Ita Kabuki Brush.

NARS Tahiti Laguna Bronzing Powder ($59.00) in iconic shade Laguna creates the ultimate healthy glow. Diffused powders with golden shimmer deliver natural-looking warmth perfect for creating or enhancing the look of tanned skin. Finely milled powders fills in lines and pores for smoother, more even looking complexion. Features NARS signature mini Ita Kabuki Brush for the ultimate on-the-go glow.

NARS Bronzing Powder ($39.00) in Laguna has always been around yet I have always been drawn to more limited edition items and as a result – I have been ignoring Laguna bronzer for so long until recently! Can’t believe I did that because it won over my heart and left no place for other bronzers to even compete. As for the limited edition products – I finally decided to give Laguna a try because it was released in a limited edition packaging together with the mini NARS Ita Kabuki Brush that I’ve also wanted to try for a long time. Even though this packaging is a limited edition and is likely no longer available for purchase – you can still get the Laguna bronzer in its usual packaging for lesser price. And Ita brush is not a must though it is really good (and is also available for separate purchase).

Nars Tahiti Laguna Bronzing Powder Review
Nars Tahiti Laguna Bronzing Powder

My Laguna bronzer comes in a huge rectangular box that houses both a Laguna bronzing powder and a compartment for an Ita brush that comes with the bronzer. The lid also features a huge full sized mirror that is big enough to be used on the go. The amount of product you get with the Tahiti Laguna is 10 g or 0.35 oz against 8 g or 0.28 oz that you get with the regular Laguna powder.

Nars Tahiti Laguna Bronzing Powder and Nars Ita Kabuki Brush Review
Nars Tahiti Laguna Bronzing Powder and Nars Ita Kabuki Brush

The NARS Ita Kabuki Brush ($55.00) that comes with this limited-edition bronzer is a usual Ita brush with a very short handle (four or even five times shorter that the full-sized option). Nevertheless, the quality is really nice and the brush is well made. The bristles are a bit stiff but that is to expect from that type of hair. It is a perfect contouring brush as it allows to apply and  blend the powder seamlessly. But I wouldn’t say it is a perfect bronzer brush though as  I prefer a fluffier round domed brush with much softer bristles for my bronzer that makes this type of a powder go on sheerer and leaves the room for building it up if needed (my personal choice would be Zoeva 101 Luxe Face Definer).

Nars Tahiti Laguna Bronzing Powder (swatches)
Nars Tahiti Laguna Bronzing Powder (swatches)

As for the powder – it is absolutely gorgeous. It is pressed but allows the brush to take enough powder to slightly bronze up the face. In the pan it doesn’t look like it has shimmer in it though it does seem to have a bit of a sheen. This powder looks way more beautiful on the skin than it does in the pan. It has the most beautiful terra-cotta bronze shade with neutral undertones and is officially described as ‘a diffused brown powder with golden shimmer‘. It definitely has the moderate amount of the most finely milled golden shimmer. This shimmer allows you to add an amazing healthy glow and a bronzed appearance to your skin. Laguna bronzer goes on smoothly and blends easily that makes it my top choice among all other bronzers I own. It lasts for more than 8 hours on my skin with absolutely no fading and looks very natural and undetectable.

I hold this bronzer dearly and I am so happy with the fact that it will definitely last me for quite some time before I make even a slightest dent in it because of a very moderate usage. It is the best bronzer I’ve ever tried and I plan to keep using it as often as  I do now. This is the most natural and healthy looking bronzer out there and I totally recommend trying it in case you do not own it yet. This is a must-have!

Thank you very much for your attention.

Have an amazing day!

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