Nail Polish: NARS Jungle Red

It took me so long to purchase a NARS nail polish but I am so glad I did it. I am happy to announce that I have found my first ever nail polish staple! NARS Jungle Red is the most unique and beautiful, classic and timeless red. I have never expected anything like that to happen as I have always thought that there can never be anything that extraordinary about a nail polish and I’ve always had very high criteria for a polish to meet. But NARS proved me wrong – there are extraordinary nail polishes out there!

NARS Nail Polish ($20.00) is formulated for nothing less than pure color perfection. Wildly chic, this brilliantly curated palette of extended wear enamels features a flexible, high gloss finish for a freshly-painted look that lasts.

NARS Jungle Red nail polish is officially described as a ‘classic, pure, beautiful bright red‘. It is a very unique red shade that I would describe as a medium deep yet bright red with neutral to cool undertones and a tiny bit of fuchsia in it. It has the most amazing jelly formula that allows it to have the glossiest finish ever.

NARS Jungle Red Nail Polish (swatches)
NARS Jungle Red Nail Polish (swatches)

Jungle Red glides on the nail so easily that you wouldn’t believe it! It goes on smoothly with a first coat as if you are painting your nails with a gel nail polish. First coat is a bit more see-through as the formula is more of a jelly type. The second coat of a nail polish helps to make it more opaque but the glass-like finish remains. It always seems like you are looking on your nails through a thick red glass and it is so dazzlingly beautiful! There is no way to describe it – you have to try it for yourself!

NARS Jungle Red Nail Polish (swatches)
NARS Jungle Red Nail Polish (swatches)

Besides a nice formula NARS nail polishes have a wonderful brush that allows you to easily maneuver around the cuticle and nail edges. It works perfectly well with my Essie base and top coats and lasts on my nails for at least five days with very minor tip wear. It does not chip or crack and looks almost as glossy as it looked the first day you applied it. It has the most amazing glossiness to it that I have never seen before – it is even glossier than a gel nail polish.

NARS Jungle Red Nail Polish | Red Hibiscus Inspiration
NARS Jungle Red Nail Polish | Red Hibiscus Inspiration

NARS Jungle Red is my first ever staple nail polish. It always looks classy and on point. It looks appropriate in any occasion as it is not that into face. But at the same time it still is a gorgeous red nail polish – and red is always a statement colour. It is the most comfortable red to wear on your nails. It changes its shade from a very deep oxblood red to a very bright fiery red in direct lighting. Absolutely stunning!

If you were looking for a perfect red nail polish – look no more! NARS Jungle Red is everything you need! That is a perfection in a bottle! I am see excited that I have found it!

Thank you very much for your attention.

Have an amazing day!

Hugs and kisses,


Nail polish description and price are both taken from the NARS official website The picture of the red hibiscus is taken from


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