Review of the Day: Sleek Corrector And Concealer Palette

The most effective method to instantly make your face look fresh, your skin look rested and your appearance seem brighter is to cover under-eye circles. I do believe that there are people who have no dark circles or under-eye bags. But I am not one of them as well as the majority of people I know. And I love my concealers for the amazing magic work they do to my looks. Today I have the all-in-one product for your – Sleek Corrector And Concealer Palette!

Sleek Corrector And Concealer Palette ($11.99) is the ultimate professional tool containing a corrector, concealer and a setting powder with SPF15 which protects against harmful UVA and UVA rays. The corrector is designed to neutralise discolouration and camouflages dark circles. This creamy formula of a concealer can be used to conceal any imperfections. Light pressed setting powder with SPF15 sets concealer for long-lasting wear.

Sleek Corrector And Concealer Palette with SPF Setting Powder | Palette 02 Review
Sleek Corrector And Concealer Palette with SPF Setting Powder | Palette 02

Sleek Corrector And Concealer Palette comes in a small matte plastic compact with a full-sized mirror inside. It houses three pans of product: one concealer, one corrector (or concealer depending on you skin tone) and one setting powder. Total weight of the product you get with this palette is 4.2 g or 0.15 oz. Two concealers have a very creamy formula and the setting powder is pressed.

Sleek Corrector And Concealer Palette with SPF Setting Powder | Palette 02 Review
Sleek Corrector And Concealer Palette with SPF Setting Powder | Palette 02

The left pan is a concealer, at least for my skin tone. It is a very light pinky beige shade that is a good highlighting concealer for fair to light skintones. The formula is extremely creamy and it requires to be always set with powder in order not to crease.

Corrector is located in the center of the palette. It is definitely more of a corrector to me because of my NW20 skin but may actually be a concealer for those with light to medium skin tones. The shade is orange-based light salmon color that is supposed to be a perfect under-eye corrector as orange contradicts blue. I personally prefer to mix it with the concealer in order to tone down the intense orange undertone.

The left pan is a pressed powder. It is a light beige shade with very strong yellow undertones. As we all know – yellow based powders are great at setting concealer and brightening the under-eye area at the same time. The powder is very finely milled and does a good job at setting both corrector and concealer.

Sleek Corrector And Concealer Palette with SPF Setting Powder | Palette 02 (swatches) Review
Sleek Corrector And Concealer Palette with SPF Setting Powder | Palette 02 (swatches)

I find the concept of having your concealer, corrector and setting powder in one place to be absolutely amazing! It is a perfect on-the-go palette. Due to how creamy both concealer and corrector are I had to determine how much product I really need to use in order not to have it creased under my eyes. At the same time, the fact that concealer and corrector are very creamy makes this palette a very good option for those who suffer from a very dry and sensitive under-eye skin. I love the fact that I can mix shades and create my own shade of concealer/corrector. How often would you do this with two separate products? And I actually do really like the setting powder because it has a very good balance of white and yellow pigments in it that makes it a very good brightening powder.

I like this small palette and I would definitely take it with me on vacation. It is a great thing to have everything in one palette and not to take three separate products of a much bigger size with you. Like it!

Thank you very much for your attention.

Have an amazing day!

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    1. You’re very welcome! 🙂 Benefit Fake Up Concealer has way less coverage although it is as creamy due to balm part it has. As for the Maybelline Age Rewind – I have to say that Maybelline concealer has a thinner formula and less coverage as a result. I would rather compare it to Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer, The Balm Time Balm concealer and NYX Dark Circle Concealer – all these concealers has a very creamy thick formula and a very good coverage as a result. If you like any of these concealers – you will definitely like this Sleek one. It does not oxidize on me and due to the fact that you get two shades in one palette – you can always make the color lighter or darker.

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  1. I feel like I need to invest in this as my Maybelline Age Rewind concealer only looks best on my blemishes and not my under eye circles. It doesn’t have the full coverage I am looking for! I am aware that Makeup Revolution does a similar palette to this but at a cheaper price. Have you tried it? 🙂 xo

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