Mini-Review: Kiehl’s Scented Lip Balm #1 in Cranberry

I strongly believe that beautiful and soft lips pull the whole look together. When your lips are not chapped and are supple and hydrated – it always looks appealing and attractive. I personally suffer from very dry lips and I always have to take a really good care of them. And I cannot use any lip balm out there cause only a few do the job for me.

Kiehl’s Scented Lip Balm #1 ($9.00) is a lip balm that protects and helps relieve chapped or cracked lips. It helps to protect lips from the drying effect of wind and cold weather. Formulated with soothing emollients Squalene, Lanolin and Sweet Almond Oil, as well as Vitamin A and E.

As I said above – any lip balm does not work for me. Therefore, a search for a perfect lip balm is always in process. I have already find a perfect everyday solution to keep my lips in a good condition and it is The Body Shop Vitamin E Lip Care SPF 15 – it does protect my lips from unpleasant wether conditions and prevents them from drying. It also works perfectly nice as a lipstick base. But I was still searching for a good nighttime lip balm and I’ve found it in the Kiehl’s Lip Balm #1.

I have purchased a scented versionΒ because I am a huge fan of cranberry smell. But I am happy that the range also has an unscented version fro those who cannot tolerate fragranced products and I can totally understand that. Although, I can only smell it for the first 10-15 seconds and it fades aways completely afterwards.

Tis lip balm have a very oily liquid consistency and you only need a tiniest amount of it to cover both lips. Unfortunately, Kiehl’s lip balm has no applicator so you have to use your hands with it. It is not a problem for me s I apply it before I go to bed – I wash my hands before and after – so it is quite hygienic. I wouldn’t recommend using it outside where you cannot sanitize your hands for hygienic reasons and because your fingers will be quite oily afterwards.Β It stays on my lips for the whole night and does heal any dry patches or cracked areas. On the morning after I can see no signs of chapped lips that I might have experienced the day before. My lips look and feel hydrated, plump and are super soft to touch. When I stay at home I may limit myself to the Kiehl’s remedy only and be fine with it. But If I plan to go out – I’ll get my The Body Shop lip balm with me.

Kiel’s has already become my must-have nighttime lip balm and I use it every single day. I am pretty happy with the results and I do really enjoy it.

Have you ever used Kiehl’s lip balm? What do you think of it?

Thank you very much for your attention.

Have an amazing day!

Hugs and kisses,



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