Question of the Day: What is your favorite lip combination for Fall?

Fall is a magnificent season! We can now officially wear dark lips and deep berry eyeshadows, tons of mascara and cool-toned blushes. Of course, you can wear all those things any time of the year, but you have to agree that it looks especially gorgeous in Autumn. I have really been enjoying very dark lips this Fall and wondered what is your favorite lip combination for this marvelous season?

My absolute favorite lip combination have lately been the MAC Hang-Up Lipstick over the MAC Pro Longwear Lip Pencil in Absolutely It. It is just  a perfect deep berry lipstick and a berry lip liner with a hint of sheen. It makes your lips look so defined and sophisticated and goes well with the majority of Fall looks.

Besides the extremely rich and deep MAC lipstick in Hang-Up, I also tend to reach for my favorite MAC Palmful Lipstick for a more muted and sheerer but still darker lips. It is a cute and daily appropriate shade with a hint of berry tones!

And I still prefer to use nude lipsticks for darker eye makeup looks. But in this case I rich for more taupe-beige shades with grey-ish undertones like the Bourjois Rouge Edition Lipstick in shade 02 Beige Trench. I even consider purchasing MAC Stone Lipstick for more muted lips as I think this will look absolutely gorgeous when mixed with pinker lipsticks.

What is your favorite lip combination for Fall? Do you tend to mix lipsticks with lip glosses? Or maybe you prefer the more defined matte lips? Share your answers in the comments down below – I would really love to know!

Thank you very much for your attention.

Have an amazing day!

Hugs and kisses,



11 thoughts on “Question of the Day: What is your favorite lip combination for Fall?

  1. As much as I adore berry lip colours I have such a hard time getting the confidence to wear them more often than I do!! I think my go to is probably MAC brave as it’s a pretty safe neutral but really looks fab with a smokey eye 😀 Karen xo

    Ps: Love Hang Up, such a stunning shade!!! XXX

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