Makeup News: Miu Miu The First Fragrance

One of the most girly, sophisticated and fun couture fashion brands – Miu Miu – decided to enter the world of beauty and has recently introduced their first ever fragrance, named Miu Miu The First Fragrance.

The first Miu Miu fragrance captures the spirit of the brand. The surprising combination of lily of the valley and the akigalawood feels natural and timeless in a very contemporary way.

Miu Miu The First Fragrance comes in a beautifully designed tiffany blue bottle with a 60’s inspired red circle cap and gold pattern. The new fragrance some in the amount of 30, 50 and 100 ml with the respective price of $66.00, $86.00 and $116.00 for each size. Moreover, the Miu Miu also launched the body lotion, shower gel and body cream to support the fragrance.

Miu Miu The First Fragrance
Miu Miu The First Fragrance

The new fragrance also has the following perfume pyramid: top notes are presented with the lily-of-the-valley, heart notes consist of jasmine, rose and green notes, and the akigalawood comes solely as a base.The scent is described as fresh, green and floral.

Miu Miu The First Fragrance
Miu Miu The First Fragrance

What do you think of this new fragrance? Have you already tried it? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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All photographs and descriptions are taken from the Miu Miu official website

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