Fragrance of the Month: Tom Ford Cafe Rose

There are some exceptional works of art in the world of perfumery. And Tom Ford fragrances have definitely earned their own place on the victory stand, especially the Café Rose – as the most exquisite rose fragrance out there.

I absolutely adore roses. I think roses have always been my favorite flowers since early childhood and I keep sincerely loving them up to date. There is something seductive and innocent, fresh and gourmand about this flower, cherished by millions and praised for centuries.

In stores I always intuitively look for rose fragrances, regardless of the brand name and price range. And from time to time I am lucky enough to find some real gems like Clinique Aromatic In White that is such a gorgeous incarnation of rose in a fragrance.

But this time I would love to present you an exceptional view on rose fragrances from the Master of fragrances – Tom Ford Cafe Rose.

Tom Ford Cafe Rose ($220 – $535 / 50-250 ml) descends into a hidden labyrinth where rose’s fine breeding gives way to darker pleasures.

Tom Ford Cafe Rose Eau De Parfum | Private Blend
Tom Ford Cafe Rose Eau De Parfum | Private Blend

Tom Ford Cafe Rose has a very unusual fragrance pyramid. It starts with the saffron and black pepper mixed with the may rose in its top notes. It is instantly followed by the middle notes that are presented with the Turkish rose, Bulgarian rose and coffee. This stage is extremely intense and powerful. The first minute or so everything you can feel is coffee – strong and fresh and sharp, all at once. It is like freshly baked coffee beans and not a ground coffee scent.

Tom Ford Cafe Rose Eau De Parfum | Private Blend
Tom Ford Cafe Rose Eau De Parfum | Private Blend

It’s sharpness is explained with the black paper in the top notes. It stays like this for a half an hour or a bit more steadily transitioning to base notesincense, amber, sandalwood and patchouli. Amber and patchouli – that was Tom Ford fragrances are famous for. And these notes are absolutely stunning in this fragrance – not overpowering, not too intense but they definitely make a gorgeous background for rose that remains the main note up until the end.

Tom Ford Cafe Rose Eau De Parfum | Private Blend
Tom Ford Cafe Rose Eau De Parfum | Private Blend

Let’s talk about packaging a bit. The fragrance comes in three volumes – 50, 100 or 250 ml with different bottle design. Mine is 50 ml and it is a square bottle with beautifully designed square cap with Tom Ford logo on top. The bottle comes in a black cardboard packaging that is a good and very steady storage for a bottle as fragrances do not tolerate sunlight. This fragrance also have a moderate and pleasant sillage and one of the best staying powers among fragrances I’ve tried – it lasts for the day or two on skin or hair and way longer on clothes.

For about half of the year this unbelievably beautiful fragrance has been my absolute favorite and go-to scent. I love everything about it but most of all I love how noble and elegant the rose sounds together with coffee. It is a unique mix of scents that makes this fragrance so special. If you love roses I advise you to check it out – you might be pleasantly surprised!

I hope this post was both interesting and useful for you. If you have any questions about Cafe Rose – please leave them in the comments down below and I will be happy to provide you with thorough answers!

Thank you very much for your attention.

Have an amazing day!

Hugs and kisses,



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