Question of the Day: Which summer collection is your favorite this year?

As the summer is almost over this year I decided to find out which summer collection was the most interesting and fascinating this time? What brand nailed it? And what collection impressed you the most?

I have been posting the news on summer collections regularly during the season and I believe I was able to cover the major ones thought there still some collections left out. I have to say that the majority of summer collections for the year 2015 remained quite traditional in terms of shades and products offered with several exceptional items.

I personally liked the gorgeous white packaging of the Tom Ford summer collection – each makeup item looked stunning besides being of high quality on their own. The Clarins Aquatic Treasures collection was a win for me as I am extremely happy with the hugest ever bronzer I got and the overall collection looked very complete.

Small yet sophisticated Givenchy Croisiere for Summer 2015 was also among my favorites due to innovative powder spray of excellent quality. The tendency for neutral makeup resulted in Guerlain launching tinted lip balms within Bloom of Roses collection (that was actually a part of Fall collection as well) and strive for extraordinary made Guerlain way more creative than usual with their most famous bronzers being housed in a colored suite.

Who doesn’t want a scented face sparay out there? MAC launched the limited edition scented Fix+ especially for this summer. As for the new lines of products – Smashbox really made a step up with their new L.A. Lights lip and cheek colors that are absolutely awesome (review coming next week)!

The most overall beautiful collections (to my mind) were the Dior Tie Dye and YSL Saharienne with the single idea and concept beautifully realized by both brands. And an award for the most eye-catching advertisement and a very beautiful scent goes to Tom Ford Black Orchid – that looks inevitably seductive.

So what do you think? Which summer collections made you thrill? What summer editions are you especially happy with? Share your thoughts in the comments down below! I would love to know!

Thank you very much for your attention.

Have an amazing day!

Hugs and kisses,



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