Mini-Review: The Body Shop Italian Summer Fig Fragrance Mist

This summer The Body Shop introduced a new line of skincare and fragrance within their Voyage Range. Meet the newest Italian Summer Fig. This scent has already caused quite a hype in a beauty world and I can see why. This is a very summery scent, full of joy, happiness and sweet figs!

Deliciously fruity, our Italian summer fig shouts Italy. Straight from the sunshine coasts of Puglia, this rich, green and juicy fig scent will give you an extra boost of sophistication and class.

Says the Body Shop! And everything sounds so tempting and alluring. The new line presents not only a fragrance and a fragrance mist, but also a shower gel, a body lotion and a body butter. The Body Shop Italian Summer Fig Fragrance Mist (£8.50 or €13,00) that I got comes in a form of the body spray in a mount of 100 ml or 3.3 us fl. oz. It smells exactly as The Body Shop Italian Summer Fig Eau De Toilette (the actually fragrance) but the staying power is less.

The inspiration behind this fragrance is a sweet and juicy fig while the pyramid also features floral and green notes. Top notes consist of fig, green notes and wine leafs. The middle notes feature rose, saffron and floral notes. And the base is presented with oak and amber. It is a very unusual fragrance pyramid that makes this scent especially interesting.

First of all, it smells straight fig! Like the fig you’ve just cut in half and the fig leaves on the tree right in the heart of Italy. Partly it is imagination, but the fig scent is very strong in this composition and it does not fade away during the wear time. The dry down makes it a bit mild and not that straight forward as is tends to be the first fifteen minutes after you spray it. The green notes dominate as well making rose and saffron barely noticeable but there is something still distinctive floral in it. Greenish-floral I would say. Roses and woods come a bit later accompanied by fig, with woody notes being stronger.

Overall, it is a very summery green scent that will make everyone who love fig scent very happy. I personally find to an interesting fragrance note and a rare leading note. This fragrance is very fresh and light, but it has a strong character and Italian temper!

You can check the whole range on The Body Shop website.

I hope this mini-review was interesting and useful for you!

Thank you very much for your attention.

Have an amazing day!

Hugs and kisses,


Prices and descriptions are taken from The Body Shop official website

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