Skincare: Korres Wild Rose 24-Hour Moisturising Brightening Cream

I love taking care of my skin. And I love trying new products in the skincare department as even if you have already found your perfect moisturizer there might be something better on the market that you have no idea of. That is how I got the Korres Moisturizing Cream and got completely disappointed…

As you might know I am Greek and I always have high hopes for something made in Greece. Korres is a Greece-based brand focused on very natural and skin-beneficial ingredients. The brand’s philosophy is absolutely beautiful! They use the knowledge of homeopathy and components synergy in creating creams and masks. The founder of the Korres Brand – George Korres has a major in Pharmacology and a deep knowledge of natural ingredients and their application in herbal remedies. And on the most famous products by Korres is the Wild Rose Cream that was launched in 1996 and soon became a global bestseller.

Korres Wild Rose 24-Hour Moisturizing and Brightening Cream ($38.00 or €27.90) is an ultra moisturising, quick-absorbing cream for long-lasting hydration and even skin tone. A precious ingredient long-used in the Korres herbal pharmacy, Wild Rose oil is rich in vitamin C and offers significant ability to repair fine lines and skin discolorations.

Korres Wild Rose 24-H Moisturising Brightening Cream
Korres Wild Rose 24-H Moisturising Brightening Cream

This cream comes a glass rose-colored jar with a white plastic cap. The amount of product you get 40 ml or 1.35 fl. oz. I have dry skin and I got the one intended for dry to normal skin types. I was not expecting much brightening from this cream as its moisturizing abilities were the most important thing for me.

Initially I tested a cream in summer when the weather was warm and not windy. I applied it twice a day – before bed and in the morning. And I definitely noticed a lack of moisture as my skin felt dehydrated. I also tried it in winter and the result was even worse. As you can see I used almost the full jar to support my opinion on it. And I have to say I am disappointed and I expected more from it.

I think there people who really like this particular cream. Unfortunately, this cream didn’t work for me and I personally will not purchase it again. By the way, the packaging on the photo is an older one (one year old) – the new one looks tiny bit different. The cream is scented – more like a mild sunscreen scent with zero hint of rose oils. And my jar has no indication of SPF on it.

Have you ever tried this cream? How do you like it?

Though this review is not a positive one it doesn’t mean that other Korres products are no good. Korres lip products are actually pretty amazing. I hope this review was nevertheless useful for you.

Thank you very much for your attention.

Have an amazing day!

Hugs and kisses,


The product description and prices were taken from the Korres official website

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