Review of the Day: Catrice Defining Blush in Sunrose Avenue

It is a rare thing that you can find an exceptional product by any brand. It is even more rare that you find it in drugstore. And it barely never happens with a blush. But I am honestly surprised how much I really like the Catrice blush that I have bought more out of curiosity than out of necessity. And for quite sometime already it has been one of my favorites, that is nearing a “makeup-staple” title.

Catrice Defining Blush (€3,49 or $3,85) is the ultra-fine, highly-pigmented powder blush with vitamin C and E that spreads easily, sets fresh accents, emphasizes your cheekbones and models the contours of your face.

Catrice Cosmetics Defining Blush in 080 Sunrose Avenue
Catrice Cosmetics Defining Blush in 080 Sunrose Avenue

This blush comes in plastic transparent case, exactly like Essence products, but with more of a sleek design. The lid opens easily and closes safely that you blush does not open spontaneously in a makeup bag. The amount of actual product you get is 5 g or 0.17 oz that is nearly as much as you get with Urban Decay Afterglow blushes, for example.

Catrice Cosmetics Defining Blush in 080 Sunrose Avenue
Catrice Cosmetics Defining Blush in 080 Sunrose Avenue

What is absolutely unique about this blush is its color – 080 Sunrose Avenue. This is such a amazing mauve-pink shade with unbelievably beautiful silver-pink sheen. It is not metallic neither has it any shimmer in its consistency. I would describe the finish as satin with visible sheen as if you used a very finely-milled highlighter along with a blush. The texture of the blush is very soft and the brush picks up the right amount of product in one swipe.

Catrice Cosmetics Defining Blush in 080 Sunrose Avenue (swatch)
Catrice Cosmetics Defining Blush in 080 Sunrose Avenue (swatch)

It is truly exceptional both in terms of shade and application. You just need a couple of swipes across you cheeks to get a perfect blush with the highlighting abilities. When you use this blush the use of highlighter becomes very much optional. It does really define your cheeks as the color transitions it creates make the blush appear darker on the cheeks and lighter and highlighted on top of the cheeks. It definitely is the easiest blush to use on the go as you can never overdo you blush with it. And, by the way, it looks gorgeous on the cheeks.

This blush is definitely going to be a makeup staple in my bag. Whenever I want to have a perfect blush I reach for it. I do advise you to check out this Catrice blush if you like mauve pinks as it looks great on different skintones regardless of undertone. The quality of this blush is comparable to its high-end rivals like Urban Decay, Benefit and Nars.

I hope this post was interesting and entertaining for you. Please leave your questions in the comments down below!

Thank you very much for your attention.

Have an amazing day!

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11 thoughts

  1. Thank you for sucha good review! Just two days ago I discovered Catrice corner in one store and this blush looked very nice:) And here is your post!!

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      1. I bought balm in stick. My first Catrice product:) I’m more familiar with Essence but now I can explore Catrice also. I will pay attention to powder products if you say they are good.

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Essence is quite a similar brand with Catrice being a little be more serious 😀 Powder products by Catrice are worth checking out and I have a review on Catrice bronzer to be published by the end of the week – so stay tuned 🙂

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