My Thoughts On: The Body Shop Vitamin E Sink In Moisture Mask

Finding out how significantly the right skincare products can change the condition of the skin has been the biggest beauty discovery for me over the past few years. Having tried many different skincare brands I have to say that The Body Shop proved to be one of the best to me. Especially the Vitamin E line that is exceptional. Therefore I just had to try their best-selling Vitamin E mask.

The Body Shop Vitamin E Sink In Moisture Mask (£14.00 or $23.00) brings skin back to optimum moisture with intensive hydration and antioxidant Vitamin E.

This mask comes in a light pink plastic packaging like all other skincare products form the Vitamin E line. The amount of product you get is 100 ml or 3.3 US fl oz that is pretty generous and explains the higher price as due to it’s cream-like texture you will get a lot of use out of it.

The Body Shop Vitamin E Sink In Moisture Mask Review
The Body Shop Vitamin E Sink In Moisture Mask

The texture of the mask has the same light pink color as the packaging and it is something inbetween cream and gel that feels pretty unique to touch. It is a little bit bouncy but spreads on the skin like a cream. It creates some type of moisturizing film on the skin that sinks in extremely quickly and leaves your skin hydrated and softened. If you touch you face after applying this mask it may feel sticky and creamy therefore The Body Shop recommends applying it for 10 minutes and wiping it away with a tissue afterwards. The brand also says that you may experience a slight cooling sensation but I cannot say I feel anything like that.

The Body Shop Vitamin E Sink In Moisture Mask Review
The Body Shop Vitamin E Sink In Moisture Mask

I actually really like the texture of this mask and its immediate effect. Once I feel my skin extremely dehydrated I reach for this mask and leave it on for 10-15 minutes. Afterwards I can definitely feel my skin moisturized and softened. It also seems to be a nice makeup base as it prepares skin pretty well for any further products you might layer. Once again – huge thumbs up for The Body Shop for another amazing product!

I hope this post was useful, interesting and entertaining for you! If you have any questions – don’t hesitate to leave them in the comments down below!

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  1. I LOVEEEEEEEE this mask. I don’t use it before makeup though, just over night. I haven’t used it in awhile though so I’m totally whipping it out tonight. Thanks for the inspiration!! 🙂

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