Question of the Day: How many favorite fragrances do you have? And use?

My most favorite thing in the world, besides makeup (of course!), is fragrances. What can be more beautiful than having a marvelous scent on your skin and hair that reminds you every second how gorgeous and self-confident you are. Some fragrances bring back delightful memories making your busy day more cheerful and happy. I, personally, Β love using fragrances daily and have collected quite a few already!

Loving fragrances leads to having some in your collection. It can either be your absolutely favorite signature fragrance that you cannot imagine a day without. Or it could be different fragrances for different seasons and different times of the year. Sometimes you have to choose different fragrances for different parts of the day – or for separate occasions. Some fragrance are office appropriate and others are the bestΒ forΒ parties.

You always have reasons to choose any particular fragrance and you might as well have a few. So I wonder, how many favorite fragrances do you own? How many do you use regularly?

Please, share the names of your favorite scents in the comments down below! I would love to know what you like!

Thank you very much for your attention.

Have an amazing day!

Hugs and kisses,



2 thoughts on “Question of the Day: How many favorite fragrances do you have? And use?

  1. My perfume collection is huge but I have one scent that I love the most: Versace Bright Crystal – the light pink. The reason it’s my favourite is because I wore it everday almost when I was in high school and it just brings back so many fun memories

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