Fragrance of the Month: Dior Dolce Vita

The hottest month of summer, sparkling and dazzling July is full of happiness and sun – the ultimate proof of ‘joie de vivre’. It makes me choose sensual, rich fragrances on wooden bases that perfectly reflect the spirit of this joyful warm month. One of these fragrances is the stunningly beautifulย creation of Dior – ‘Dolce Vita’.

Dolce Vita expresses joie de vivre, glamour and Italian femininity so cherished by Christian Dior.

I discovered this amazing fragrance not that long ago, but have already completely fallen in love with it. “Dolce Vita” was created by Pierre Bourdon and Maurice Roger long ago in 1994 and has become one of the Dior’s signature scents since then.

It is no more no less a ‘Happiness Potion’ – a dazzlingly feminine and joyful fruity/floral fragrance with spicy, sensual undertones of cedar, it incarnates the spirit of Dior in all its sumptuousness, as the House of Dior describes it. It is a feminine fragrance based on traditionally men scents such as a vibrant combination of magnolia and cinnamon that makes it modern and bold.

Dior Dolce Vita
Dior Dolce Vita

The perfume pyramid strikes your scent imagination with plenty of rich fragrant notes. The fragrance is opening with the following top notes: lily, peach, grapefruit, bergamot, rose and cardamon that add the mild sweetness to the scent. The steady transition to the heart notes of apricot, magnolia, cinnamon, heliotrope and Brazilian rosewood makes it so alluringly oriental that it is hard to resist. The base notes presented by the sandalwood, coconut, vanilla and cedar add an inimitability and uniqueness to the fragrance.

Dior Dolce Vita is classified as sweet oriental fragrance with a spicy woody base. For me it is a very spicy and woody fragrance accompanied by dazzling fruity sweet notes with slight floral trace. Dolce Vita is woody, sensual with distinctive notes of sandalwood, cinnamon and apricot on a very warm vanilla base. The citrusy notes, rose and lily does not allow it to be too fruity, yet deep woody notes balance out the sweetness with the hint of oriental oils.

This perfume has a wonderful sillage that follows you around. It stays on your skin for the whole day, and you can still smell it the next day on your clothes and hair. It is one of the most beautiful Dior fragrances, ideal for hot summer days full of happiness and joy. If you like sweet oriental scents you have to try this one as it is definitely a magnificent, elegant scent.

Thank you very much for your attention.

Have an amazing day!

Hugs and kisses,



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