Question of the Day: Do you like limited edition products?

It seems like launching limited edition collections and products has been a huge trend lately. Almost every brand presents limited edition items in each collection and very rarely does bring it back or repromote afterwards. I have some limited edition makeup items in my collection and I do sometimes wonder what I will do when I run out of some of my favorite products?

Limited edition products could have an unusual packaging or a gorgeous design, rare shade or texture. Brands always position this products as a work of art. I think that MAC is ahead of everyone with weekly new super limited edition makeup products and barely anyone can keep up with them.

There is always something you want from a new limited collection because it is limited. And you always think: ‘If I don’t get it now I won’t be able to get it later’. And you go and buy this product. And a week later MAC presents another gorgeous collection and it is again limited edition. And it is not only MAC – all high-end and drugstore brands do launch limited edition collections regularly – like seasonal collections from Chanel, Guerlain or Clarins and limited edition products from L’oreal, Essence, Anny.

From time to time I cannot resist getting a limited edition item because it caught my eye. But I honestly prefer to have time to think before I get something. To test it, to compare it to what I already own and not to buy it in a rush because it is limited edition. I do think that limited edition collections are usually very cute and pretty but the permanent products could also be quite nice and you can always re-stock later if you love the shade or texture.

What do you think? Do you like limited edition collections? Do you often get limited edition makeup items? Or do you prefer permanent ones? Tell me what you think in the comments down below!

Thank you very much for your attention.

Have an amazing day!

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13 thoughts on “Question of the Day: Do you like limited edition products?

  1. I love LE stuff but I prefer them done seasonally. MAC really overdoes it to the point where it loses its appeal to me. Some of the nail polish companies, are like this, too, like OPI.

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  2. I don’t really find myself buying limited edition products simply because I’m scared I wont get my hands on them again :/ I don’t wanna fall in love with something that I wont be able to purchase after they go away :/ xx

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    1. I also tend to buy things I like but I always get this thought – if it’s a limited edition I won’t be able to get it later – but what if I really, really like the product? These Stila pigments are awesome – I might do a review on them soon 😀 but these are very much limited edition…

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