Question of the Day: Loose or pressed powder?

Having done many different reviews on various powders and having tried even more of them I wonder what kind of powder is more popular. With plenty of powders in different forms, sizes and types on the market it is not an easy thing to understand what is best for you.

The majority of powders invented divide into two categories – pressed and loose powders. As you know the first ever powder created was loose powder – in a jar with a puff. Nowadays loose powders still have the glamour of the old times and have exceptionally invisible, lightweight and bendable texture. The only drawback is that the loose powder is not that convenient to use and it can be quite messy if not used properly.

That leads us to the pressed powder that still has the similar powder features as the loose one but is way more easy to use. The pressed powder took over the face powder market very quickly due to easiness of use, beautiful slim packaging and high mobility. But no matter how good the pressed powder is it is not able to reach the level of quality the loose powder has. The loose powder is always so finely milled that you can never detect it on the the skin but it still gives you a very nice amount of coverage. And the pressed powder is a better choice as a finishing powder. But in both cases, I believe, you have to get a very nice brush in order to get a flawless application.

Notwithstanding how great the loose powder is I very rarely reach for it because it requires way more time and accuracy to be applied right, especially when it’s colored and is not simply transparent. Whenever I have to do my makeup in a short time I definitely go for my favorite pressed powders. I still own some loose powders and I do love them, but I tend to use them more for special occasions and when I have enough time to do my makeup.

Why do you prefer using? Loose or pressed powder? And why? Tell me in the comments down below!

Thank you very much for your attention.

Have an amazing day!

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2 thoughts on “Question of the Day: Loose or pressed powder?

    1. Powder is a magical product! 😀 I love loose powders but these powders can be so messy sometimes, especially in a hurry. But it’s true, the loose powder has a wonderful finely milled texture of exceptional quality and blendability.

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