Makeup Facts: The History of the Blush

I still have something interesting to tell you about the history of makeup. One of my favorite makeup items and one of the products that is able to change you look in a single swipe – the blush – has a very interesting history.

The blush, also known as rouge and blusher, dates back to ancient civilizations when human appearance was as well perceived through one’s outer beauty. As we already know ancient Egyptians were the trendsetters for the rest of the world of that time in terms of makeup. The blush was used both on cheeks and lips like those multi-tacking blush sticks we love to use today. To achieve healthy redness on the cheeks ancient Egyptians used reddish-brown ground ochre and ancient Greeks resorted to wild berries of similar color. In both cases they tired to achieve a contrast between deep black khôl liner on their eyes in Egypt and red lips and cheeks or to brighten up the white color of the face in Greece. This tradition was steadily caught up by ancient Romans and blush was also widely used that time not only by women, but also by men.

Nevertheless, the later rise of Christian religion resulted in harsh decline of interest in cosmetics and makeup and the blush was barely or even never used. Moreover, the pale whitened nearly translucent skin was highly favored – the less healthy blush on the cheeks the better – it was considered very beautiful and aristocratic.  The reign of Queen Elizabeth I marked the new era of makeup. At that time the white skin color was considered to be an ultimate beauty but there was also a necessity to have flushed cheeks for a purpose of contrast. Unfortunately, the majority of ingredients used to create white powder and rouge were critically unhealthy and deadly in some cases.

There were ups and down in the makeup world for about two centuries afterwards leading to the new rise of blush as an essential part of women’s beauty. And in the beginning of the XXth century numbers of well-known French beauty companies – such as Guerlain and Bourjois – started the official production of cosmetics blush we know today that have been extremely popular ever since.

I hope that this post was both interesting and entertaining for you!

Thank you very much for your attention.

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