Question of the Day: Do you like nail art or creative manicure?

While I was painting my nails in three different colors I wondered how popular that technique really is and what other ways to make the nails look more beautiful and alluring exist.

Any forms of nail art and different techniques of painting nails are all extremely polar on Pinterest and Instagram. Everyone is posting colored nails on these social networks and everyone is trying to recreate original and creative ideas and beautiful paintings people do on their nails. I am personally no that patient to do something that time-consuming like drawing flowers on my nails or applying teeny tiny diamond crystals. I am not even professional enough to create marble-like manicure and I am not that confident to do gel manicure on my own. But I do love some creativity in my manicure and as for me the best way to paint my nails and add a bit of extraordinary to my nails is to use different nail polishes and top coats at once.

Anny Mini Nail Polishes in Cool Down Baby, Hen Night and Bridal Shower
Anny Mini Nail Polishes in Cool Down Baby, Hen Night and Bridal Shower

If you read my blog regularly you know that I got a trio of super cute mini Anny nail polishes that were a part of the  most adorable collection called ‘Girls wanna have fun – Last night out in Miami‘. These three nail polishes belong to one color theme with Cool Down Baby being gorgeous cool-toned lilac, Bridal Shower – soft light pink and Hen Night – iridescent pearl top coat. And I just could not resist doing my manicure using all three polishes at the same time – more out of curiosity!

I painted my little and index finger along with the thumb with the Cool Down baby, then I used two coats of Bridal Shower to color the ring and middle finger and used the Hen Night as a top coat on my ring finger to make my manicure more eye-catching. I really love the final result as it looks not boring, but fun being at the same time very cute and feminine and sweet.

So I wonder how do you prefer painting your nails? Do you use different nail polishes at once? Or you prefer a plain manicure? Or maybe you’ve mastered nail art and your nails are sparkling with crystals or featuring beautiful designs? Tell me in the comments down below!

Thank you very much for your attention.

Have an amazing day!

Hugs and kisses,



5 thoughts on “Question of the Day: Do you like nail art or creative manicure?

  1. Love this effect! I do like to switch it up by painting a signature nail in a different color or using five different but complementary tones. A fun top coat can also help. But I really don’t have the patience to draw intricate floral designs on them myself.
    xxx Anne

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  2. Girl I do not have time to be sitting there drawing flowers and shit on my nails, haha. I loveeee looking through the Pinterest designs but with an active 19 month at home, it’s pretty common for me to leave the house with only ONE hand even painted, hehe 🙂 But I love the combo you did here! Using two colors is a cute way to add character without all the nail art work 🙂


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