Chanel Nail Polish: May

Even though the month of May is already over I cannot resist showing you one of the most popular and the most girly nail polish from Chanel. I really like this nail polish because the shade is very neutral yet bright and you can easily wear it for any occasion.

Chanel Le Vernis Nail Colour ($27.00) features classic and trend-defining shades in an exclusive formula that strengthens and moisturizes nails as it delivers high-shine colour. Applies without streaking.

The Chanel May nail polish was as usual a part of the limited edition spring collection of the year 2012 Chanel Harmonie De Printemps. It was accompanied by two other shades called April and June. Since that due to its popularity among Chanel fans May nail polish was added to permanent line and you can now easily purchase it either on Chanel website or in stores.

Chanel Le Vernis May Nail Polish
Chanel Le Vernis May Nail Polish

The shade is very neutral light pink color with slight yellow undertones. It is the most girly shade you could ever imagine and you can even say it’s Barbie pink. Although, it also tends to lean either warm or cool depending on the lighting and the skin tone.

Chanel Le Vernis May Nail Polish Swatch
Chanel Le Vernis May Nail Polish Swatch

The texture of this nail polish is pure cream and it applies pretty well. You will have to apply two coats of it to achieve full opacity though. I usually use the base and top coats with any nail polish and it works nicely with both.

Chanel Le Vernis May Nail Polish Swatch
Chanel Le Vernis May Nail Polish Swatch

Again, with all Chanel nail polish the wear time is weak side. This particular nail polish I can wear for about four or five days with the tips wearing off the second day. But the color is quite forgiving and you won’t notice that the tips have already worn off.

Chanel Le Vernis May Nail Polish Swatch
Chanel Le Vernis May Nail Polish Swatch

I think it is one of those colors that everyone should own – it is very classic light pink, bright and muted at the same time. It looks very feminine on the nails, very expensive and it is the one that has been getting the majority of compliments for years. It is acceptable for me to wear a nail polish for four of five days and I do love May nail polish a lot. If you like to paint your nails every three or four days then you should definitely check this color out. This specific shade will look gorgeous on tan skin this summer as well.

I hope this post was interesting and entertaining for you. Please leave your questions in the comments down below!

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Nail polish description and price are taken from the Chanel official website

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