Makeup Facts: The History of Mascara

I think that if I had to choose my favorite makeup product ever – I would definitely choose mascara. Only mascara allows you to instantly change your appearance, to emphasize the beauty of your eyes and make your eyes alluring and glamorous. And the centuries long history of mascara supports my love to this magic product and proves its importance.

The tradition to color the eyes and eyelashes comes from the ancient history. If you read my previous Makeup facts stories – you know that Ancient Egypt was always one of the makeup pioneers and the Egyptians were the trend-setters in terms of the beauty for the rest of the ancient world. The Kohl liners that were used to outline the eyes were also used to darken the lashes.

The deep black color that Kohl created was recognized as the best makeup product in the Ancient Rome as well that has drastically changed later as the humanity reached the Medieval Times when the beauty of one’s forehead depended on the amount of hair on it – the lesser the better.

The Victorian Era was the time when women all over the world started paying attention to their appearance and eyelashes came to focus while makeup and cosmetics got heavily promoted. As there were no mass production of mascara at that time women had to do their own home-made mascaras.

The first ever mascara was later created in the late 19th century by the chemist Eugine Rimmel (we all know and love the Rimmel cosmetics today!) and it was a mixture of coal and petroleum jelly. The word ‘rimmel’ still remains a synonym to the word mascara in Portugal, Greece, Spain and other Mediterranean countries. And a bit later someone named T.L Williams created the same type of product for his sister and started his own business now known as Maybelline.

But the first mascara that we all would recognize today was developed in 1957 by Helena Rubinstein – it was a lotion-like substance packaged in a tube and was supposed to be applied with the help of brush. Since its invention mascara has become extremely popular especially due to the development of photography and cinema and nowadays it is one of the main standards of beauty.

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  1. It’s deffo my fav product too 🙂 Love this post and would love if you could check out my latest post too xxx


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