Review of the Day: Clinique Aromatics in White

Roses have always been my favorite flowers. There is something unique and elegant, gentle and powerful about this particular flower. But there was quite a hunt to find the rose I describe in a perfume. It is a very rare scent that can depict this marvelous flower in it’s glory. And I was sincerely surprised to recognize the rose I love in an amazing and breathtaking Clinique Aromatics in White.

The newest fragrance from Clinique is a modern and floral reincarnation of the all-time classics of the brand – Aromatics Elixir that launched in the 1971 and is the oldest Clinique fragrance. Ir has already been followed by numerous  modernized Elixirs such as Aromatics Elixir Sheer Velvet in 2006 and Aromatics Elixir Perfumer’s Reserve in 2011. Gorgeous Aromatics Elixir in White was presented in Autumn 2014.

Pure and refined, Clinique’s Aromatics in White (£55.00 or $85.00 for 50 ml) celebrates the complexity of surprising dimensions. With its confident interplay of serene woods, transparent petals and warm amber notes, this alluring scent will leave a trail of intrigue.

This fragrance comes in a beautiful and elegant slim white glass bottle with a simple yet accurate white cap with gold lining. The design is so pure and airy that it resembles the fragrance ideally. The amount of perfume you can get is 30, 50 and 100 ml. The one presented on the main photo is the 50ml.

Clinique Aromatics in White
Clinique Aromatics in White

The fragrance pyramid is quite complicated and is built around rose. The top notes are the Sichuan pepper accompanied by the violet leaf and labdanum. From the first spray I can very slightly recognize the acerbity of the oriental pepper softened by the labdanum that explains the gourmand perception of the fragrance. The following introduction of the heart notes goes on smooth and steady with the pure and powdery rose coming to the center place surrounded by the mild scent of the orange blossom and the vivid and spicy patchouli. This composition doesn’t allow the fragrance to dive into the sweetness of the rose oils and harmonize on the edge of the sparkling combination of sweet-scented flowers and spices. While the heart notes are playing the fragrance leaves a sweet and delightful sillage behind, but it is not intense and overwhelming – more like a sweet reminder of the scent. And in several hours deep and creamy base is making its transition to the skin scent. Intense amber note is toned down by the leather musk and the tasty benzoin is slightly sweetened by vanilla.

Clinique Aromatics in White
Clinique Aromatics in White

To my mind it is a beautiful and alluring signature scent – a modern composition on the base of the all-time favorite fragrance that has wonderful longevity on the skin and smells amazing on the clothes. Even though it is a very complex fragrance it is not overwhelming – on the contrary this is the scent you want to smell the whole day. It is comfortable and soft, warm and gentle and it is so easy to wear. And if you like sweet floral scent with spicy notes this is the fragrance to take a look at.

I hope this post was both interesting and useful for you. If you have any questions about this product – please leave them in the comments down below and I will be happy to provide you with thorough answers!

Thank you very much for your attention.

Have an amazing day!

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