Makeup Facts: YSL Cosmetics History

Yves Saint Laurent gained a huge success since his very early years that lasted for a lifetime. For more than 40 years in a row genius Haute Couture designer and the respective brand creator had been setting the fashion guidelines for the whole world as his amazing fashion creations were the main trends for womens- and menswear and his fragrances were the main beauty wish for millions of people.

The beauty division of the brand that started off with the fragrances has now become one of the most recognized and purchased beauty and makeup brands in the world. Currently the YSL Beaute is a substantial part of the L’Oreal Group Luxe.

The first fragrance from Yves Saint Laurent was a widely known “Y”, created in 1964, followed by the scandalous fragrance ‘Por Homme’ with the photo of the nude maestro himself. The most famous and prominent fragrance of the brand remains the gorgeous Opium, that has found it’s reincarnation in the Black Opium – an amazing modern adaptation. The sales of the YSL fragrances account for the majority of income from the beauty division of the brand as many of the YSL fragrances have become iconic over time.

The makeup line of the brand is quite popular and successful among beauty lovers all over the world. The best-selling products are the marvelous Touch Eclat concealer, Effet Faux Cils Mascara, Rouge Pur Couture and Rouge Volupte lipsticks, glossy stains, eyeshadow palettes and nail polishes – to name a few. Brand was also able to gain the loyalty of its devotees in the skin care department as well offering the most cutting edge technologies in terms of preserving the youth of the skin and capturing light from within.

YSL cosmetics
YSL cosmetics

YSL always have something unique, something new and modern to offer and never fails to make it’s customers happy with the products they get either it’s makeup or fragrance or skin care. It is not a question of outperforming its competitors – it’s a core ideology of the brand and it’s creator who genuinely believed in progress of the beauty.

I hope this post was both interesting and entertaining for you! Do you like YSL fragrances? Or maybe you love their makeup and skin care? Please share your thoughts in the comments down below.

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4 thoughts on “Makeup Facts: YSL Cosmetics History

  1. Such a wonderful post, I love reading the history of brands. The L’homme cologne for men smells so good and I love the rouge volupte lipstick in 22 forbidden burgundy – it’s a really lovely berry colour which compliments all skin tones xx

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  2. I just got a sample of the YSL Black Opium and I am in LOVE! Eventually I hope to expand my YSL collection anything I’ve read about there products is usually positive reviews!

    Liked by 1 person

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