Mini-review: Benefit The Bronze of Champions

If you were looking for a perfect summer face makeup kit – look no more I’ve found one for you! Especially if you are a fan of Benefit products, bronze shades and tan skin. This all-in-one beauty box has everything you need for a mesmerizing and effortless beach look.

One of my readers asked me if there any worthy face palettes out there on the market. And I have to admit it’s a tough question! Face palettes always turn out to be bulky and not that convenient to use. Imagine having all your eyeshadows, face powders, blushes, highlighters, lipsticks and lip glosses at the same place – it is such a mess!

But Benefit offers us a very nice option in terms of having all in one place. Though you don’t have to choose much from – this will be enough for a week-long vacation or holidays. This gorgeous Benefit The Bronze Champions ($32.00) kit contains a mascara, beautiful lipgloss, famous Hoola bronzer with a brush, single eyeshadow together with a cream eyeshadow and a nice highlighter. I own this kit, but unfortunately I do not have the single eyeshadow anymore, but I can provide you with a review on everything else in the kit.

Benefit The Bronze Champions - Benefit They're Real Mascara
Benefit The Bronze Champions – Benefit They’re Real Mascara

I am a big fan of Benefit They’re Real Mascara ($24.00 for full sized version). It is an intense black mascara that allows for very precise product application and you can easily and evenly color all your lashes (including these little lashes in the inner corner of the eye). This mascara gives volumizing and separating effect in one layer. A very beautiful and worthy product if you are looking for such a mascara. The amount of mascara you get in a kit is 0.14 oz that costs $12.00 alone on the Sephora website and it’s one third of the full-sized mascara.

Benefit The Bronze Champions - Benefit Hoola
Benefit The Bronze Champions – Benefit Hoola

I believe that everyone knows the Benefit Hoola bronzing powder ($28.00 for full sized version). It is a very good bronzer for fair, light and medium skin tones as it is not too orange or terra-cotta.. This powder can even work as a contour shade for warmer complexion as it doesn’t lean orange on the skin. The amount of bronzer you get in a kit is 0.1 oz compared to 0.28 oz in the original Hoola powder.

Benefit The Bronze Champions - Benefit Ultra Plush Lip Gloss in Hoola
Benefit The Bronze Champions – Benefit Ultra Plush Lip Gloss in Hoola

I also adore Benefit Ultra Plush Lip Gloss ($16.00 for full sized version). The one that comes in the kit is in the shade Hoola. It is a very beautiful beige color with bronze, gold and rose sparkles and it looks amazing on the lips making them appear fuller and shiny and non-sticky. The gloss in the kit contains 0.22 oz against 0.5 oz in full sized gloss. And it smell like a true peach!

Benefit The Bronze Champions - Benefit What's Up! highlighter
Benefit The Bronze Champions – Benefit What’s Up! highlighter

Nearly all of the products in the kit are mini sized versions of the Benefit products. The Benefit What’s Up! highlighter ($30.00 for the full version) is a gorgeous champagne highlight that leans more warm toned. It blends like dream and will look stunning on any skin tone. This one looks on the skin exactly as The Balm Mary-Lou Manizer. You get 0.08 oz of product with the full sized highlighter of 0.33 oz. But it’s so tiny and so convenient to take with you on the go! So cute!

Benefit The Bronze Champions - Benefit Creaseless Cream Shadow in Bikini-Tini
Benefit The Bronze Champions – Benefit Creaseless Cream Shadow in Bikini-Tini

And the last two products that come in the kit are the Benefit Creaseless Cream Shadow ($20.00) in Bikini-Tini and the Benefit Longwear Powder Shadow in Thanks A Latte. The powder shadow I no longer own and it comes only in the Benefit World famous neutrals Easiest Nudes Ever palette ($30.00). Overall, it is a nice golden brown eyeshadow that can easily compliment the look and looks flattering on the eyes. Bikini-Tini cream eyeshadow is a nice champagne shade with pearl finish described by the brand as the oyster pink. It does not crease on the base and that is how I recommend to use it. Works nice as a base for the above mentioned powder eyeshadow. You get the 0.11 oz that is nearly as big as a full size cream eyeshadow that contains 0.16 oz amount of product.

With this gorgeous Bronze of Champions kit you can easily do the full face makeup – as you have a cream and powder eyeshadow, a mascara, a nice bronzer, that works perfectly as blush and contour depending on your skin tone, an amazing highlighter and a delicious gloss. Some of the products are large enough to last you for about three-four months and the kit all together performs really well. I think it’s the nearest to a face palette that I can think of and that is worth it’s value and is not a huge mess after a couple of uses. I do recommend checking this out if you are looking for something you can take with you for a vacation or a weekend. And you can also use a beautifully designed cardboard packaging for something else once you finished all the products. It is an amazing gift and a very nice way to try the products to decide whether you really need anything in full size.

Hope you liked this mini-review of this cute mini beauty box! If you have any questions – leave them in the comments down below.

Thank you very much for your attention.

Have an amazing day!

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8 thoughts on “Mini-review: Benefit The Bronze of Champions

  1. I think I have a hoola roaming around in my collection somewhere and have yet to try it out. I always find bronzers I love and then stick with them until I buy something else.. which is frequent.

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