Question of the Day: What do you prefer using to apply your foundation?

I think this is one of the most troublesome questions – every time I get a foundation there is a dilemma what to use with it? My fingers? Foundation or stippling brush? Or may be a beauty blender? Or sponge? Or probably there’s something else out there that gives flawless application of your favorite foundation?

As for me it depends a lot on how the product acts with different tools. Some foundations could only be applied with a beauty blender, but I personally do not prefer this method of application because it requires cleaning the blender regularly (preferably after each use) and it also absorbs a huge amount of foundation, especially if it is a runny formula. Though, only a beauty blender allows you to have the thinnest foundation application ever – and is ideal for very sheer-to-light coverage.

Applying the foundation with the brush seems to be the fastest way of application. But you have to choose quite a dense brush for that purpose. I personally find it perfect for watery foundations as well as for creamy ones. The only disadvantage of using a brush is streakiness if you do not blend it well enough.

And finally you can always use your fingers (especially when there is nothing else to use!). Fingers are the best tool to apply foundations of creamy texture – ‘bb creams’, ‘cc creams’ and tinted moisturizers. The creaminess of these foundations allows for perfect application as they melt under the warmth of your hand and apply as a true cream.

I can’t say that I tend to apply my foundation with either fingers or brush or beauty blender more often. I use all these tools whenever I think I should and sometimes I can mix them together – a brush with a beauty blender or a brush and fingers depending on how well the foundation spreads on the skin.

What do you prefer using? Is there anything else useful in terms of foundation application?

Please share your thoughts, ideas and tips in the comments down below.

Thank you very much for your attention.

Have an amazing day!

Hugs and kisses,


Products featured on the photo: Beauty Blender, Zoeva Brushes (102, 128).


21 thoughts on “Question of the Day: What do you prefer using to apply your foundation?

  1. Great question, I think this really boils down to personal preference as to what works best but for my the RT Stippling brush is incredible. It really does leave such an airbrushed look – I love it!!! 🙂 Karen x

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  2. I use the Dior angled foundation brush for very liquid foundations and Chanel foundation brush for everything else. I used to apply it years ago with my fingers but i hate the mess and i used to leave streaks occasionally and both my brushes are fantastic. I find a sponge soaks up too much product but i’ve never used a beauty blender. x


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