Makeup facts: the oldest beauty invention in the history

We have already discussed several makeup and beauty inventions that are dated thousands of years. For centuries humanity was concerned about beauty and appearance and no wonder that the oldest beauty invention in the history was a perfume.

Perfume is a combination of fragrant oils and aromatic flavors in a liquid form with the use of solvents in order to create pleasant scent.

The oldest perfume ever found during most recent archeological studies and work on Cyprus is as old as 4.000 years. Ancient Greeks are believed to be using herbs nd spices to create perfumes placed in a glass bottles. The most common ingredient were almond, coriander, myrtle, conifer resin, bergamot and different type of flowers.

Perfumery got quickly developed in many ancient worlds and nations such as Egypt, Persia, Roman Empire, Arabian regions. The first European country to join the perfumery art was Italy in the 13th century, from where it rapidly spread in other European countries, such as Hungary, Germany and France. Up to date Italy and France remain the most developed centers in Europe in terms of fragrance production.

Though perfumes existed for centuries, the most prominent development of the industry started in late 19th century when companies started producing synthetic fragrant compounds. Since then fragrances were not a simple mixture of highly scented fragrant elements, but a combinations of oils and solvents (water and ethanol) in specific proportions.

The most widely know types of fragrances are the following:

  • Perfume extract – with 15-40% of aromatic compounds;
  • Eau de Perfume – contains around 10-20% of fragrant oils;
  • Eau de Toilette – presented with the approximate amount of 5-10% of aromatic compounds;
  • Perfume mist – with somewhat 3-8% of fragrant elements.

Perfumery has quickly become an art and science. Millions of people all over the world cannot imagine their day without wearing their favorite scent. Therefore perfumes will always remain one of the most produced and used beauty item, equally popular among men and women.

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Fragrances featured on the photo: Giorgio Armani Si, Victor&Rolf Bon Bon fragrance, Yves Saint Laurent Black Opium. More information about fragrances you can find on and on (The Fragrance Foundation).

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