Review of the day: The Body Shop Brush on Radiance

Lately I have discovered one of the most interesting products in the beauty division of The Body Shop. I am pleasantly surprised to see such a makeup item with an excellent quality and beautiful packaging. If you like glowing and fresh looks – you will love this gorgeous highlighting powder, just like I do.

The Body Shop Brush on Radiance (£14.00 or $22.00) is a highlighting and bronzing powder, that contains magical little beads of iridescent color to give skin luminescent glow and shimmering finish.

The packaging of this powder is truly gorgeous: it comes in a medium-sized plastic transparent jar with rose-gold cap, beautifully designed. It is very light-weight and closes safely in case you will be taking it with you on a vacation (a right place for such a product!).

The Body Shop Brush on Radiance 02

Through the transparent part of the packaging you can see small sparkling beads of three different colors: bronzed rose, champagne and light-gold. Mixing together in a jar beads create finely milled light-weight powder of a natural color.

The Body Shop Brush on Radiance 01

I prefer using a fluffy powder brush that is big enough to fit in the jar and take just a right amount of highlighting powder in one swipe. Just be cautious not to take couple of shiny beads out – these can easily get stuck between the bristles of the brush.  The result of applying this powder on the skin is simply beautiful: it gives your skin this well-known healthy glow.

The Body Shop Brush on Radiance swatches on skin

Effect is quite shiny, but not greasy. There are no visible particles of glitter or sparkles in the consistency of powder and none appear in your skin. On the swatch above you may see that if powder is properly blended there’s only a beautiful glow left.

The Body Shop Brush on Radiance swatch on face

You can use this powder as a highlighter on your cheekbones, chin, nose bridge  or forehead and it will allow you to create a very subtle and gentle effect. But I love to use it all over the face for a perfect glowing look, as it adds a gorgeous luminocity to the skin, making you face look radiant and healthy and even a little bit sun-kissed. I love how the sun light bounces on the high points of the face and how this tiny iridescent particles reflect the light. And it also lasts on the skin for the whole day.

The amount of the actual product is huge as you get 28g or 1.0 oz. and it is most likely to last for a very very long time. Moreover, the simple yet right design of the packaging allows you to get even the last bit of powder left.

The Body Shop Brush on Radiance 04I find this highlighting powder to be a perfect product for the upcoming summer. It looks gorgeous on both pale and tan skin and there are two more shades of powder to choose from. The lasting power is great and I’m sure it will last pretty well on hot days too. I will definitely be taking this powder with me on a vacation and I will keep using it at home for days when I want to have a very glowing and beautiful makeup look. A huge plus of this powder is that it has zero scent and will be suitable for people who does’l like heavily perfumed products.

I can totally recommend this product as it is definitely an amazing highlighting powder and is a very gentle highlighter at the same time. If you like glowing looks this is a product for you!

I hope this review was useful and entertaining for you. If you also have this powder I would love to hear what you think! And if you have any questions – you are very welcome to leave them in the comments down below and I will be glad to provide you with thorough answers.

Thank you very much for your attention.

Have an amazing day!

Hugs and kisses,



4 thoughts on “Review of the day: The Body Shop Brush on Radiance

    1. You’re very welcome! Since The Body Shop was acquired by L’oreal the quality of the products and the amount of good makeup items have significantly increased. Nowadays The Body Shop makeup items are very mush worth checking out and I already own quite a few and pretty happy with every single one of them 😀


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