Sunday makeup news: Lancome French Paradise Collection for Summer 2015

lancome french paradise collection summer 2015

Hello, gorgeous!

Today I would like to tell you that Lancôme is going to launch a beautiful collection designed in blue and coral shades for Summer 2015. This collection is full of amazing products inspired by the beach, sands and ocean waves and it is also granted a mesmerizing name of ‘French Paradise’ and I’m really looking forward to its soonest release!

This collection is quite huge and I have already picked up several products that were able to draw my attention the most. There are five powders in this collections that are supposed to add sun tint to your skin and the center product of the launch is the Lancome Lance Belle de Teint Powder in shade Belle Dete, that looks most promising (in the center on the photo above, second row). The collection also has lighter and deeper shades of bronzer. I was also thinking of getting cream blush and I really liked the Lancome Blush Subtil Creme in shade Brisee Rosee (second row, left corner), that looks just gorgeous and will be very suitable for my cool toned skin. I also could never skip creme shades in stick form and I will most likely get the Lancome Ombre Hypnose Stylo in all shades pictured on the photo above (second row, right corner).

The Lancome French Paradise Color Design 6 Pan Palette (first row, in the center) also looks very alluring as it is a mix of warm toned earthy shades with cool-toned deep marine shades. A perfect product for a vacation on the sea shore, isn’t it? I believe there’s basically no one who have never tried the famous Lancome Juicy Tubes (first row, left corner) and all three shades in the collection look so delicious! And finally what kind of a vacation goes by without a perfect manicure? Lancome Vernis in Love (first row, right corner) nail polish range offers us an amazing sea blue shade that we can coat with a new top for a gel-like finish!

lancome french paradise collection summer 2015 promo

I am very impressed with tis launch and there are many products that I would definitely consider adding to my makeup collection! What do you think of this collection? Leave your thoughts and ideas in the comments down below.

Thank you very much for your attention.

Have an amazing day!

Hugs and kisses,



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