Makeup facts: three reasons to get face toner

Taking care of the skin becomes more and more popular each year and women start to pay attention to their skin and its condition earlier because it really matters at what age you start a proper skin care routine – this helps a lot with aging and skin transformation. And one of the most important and yet neglected steps is using a toner after washing your face. Toners started appearing on the market somewhat twenty years ago and were predominantly alcohol based and aimed at battling acne and minor skin imperfections. But over two decades the perception of toner and its purposes have drastically changed and nowadays there is a huge variety of toners for different skin types and skin perfecting goals.

Each and everyone of us can benefit from using an appropriate toner on a daily basis – it won’t only improve your skin condition, but will nourish it substantially – you might even notice a difference in a couple of weeks. Here are three reasons why you should consider adding toner to your daily routine:

Reason #1: Clean skin

The initial purpose of using toner was the idea to add one more step in your cleansing routine to make your skin even more cleaner as toner removes the makeup and pollution excess from your skin, that your usual cleanser left untouched. The toner nowadays does exactly the same – your dampen your makeup removing cotton pad with toner and you go all over your face once again, taking off what wasn’t washed off while cleaning your face with cleanser.

Reason #2: More Benefits

There tons of toners out there today and lots of them offer a lot of interesting solutions in terms of adding to the consistency more beneficial ingredients that are good for your skin. If you chose the toner correctly and wisely – you will have a wonderful product, filled with the ingredients that will help your skin regenerate and repair, act as antioxidants. This will definitely become an essential part of your skincare as after being washed properly your skin absorbs right ingredients quickly and and effectively and it really works.

Reason #3: Fight the right battle

Choosing wisely is the right thing to do not only considering the ingredients, but also determining what result you want to get in the end. You can choose an appropriate toner to cure blemishes, to reduce large pores, to repair your skin or smooth the surface, to control oil, to moisturize and soothe. The key is to determine your skin type correctly – oily/sensitive/combination and thereafter chose the toner designed for the specific skin type and for the purposes mentioned above. Noteworthy is to stay away from toners that contain ingredients that can irritate your skin – alcohol based toner for example. If the toner is right for your skin you will notice a difference pretty soon and you will be pleasantly surprised how this step could change your skin condition for the best.

The most recent toner choice of mine due to my love of the Korean skin care is the Tony Moly I’m Real Rice Smooth Toner that I find to be perfect for my dry skin at the moment, as it consists of rice water, vitamins and organ oil, that are supposed to smooth and calm the skin. But there a lot of good toners on the market right now and you can easily choose the right one for you.

Do you use toner daily? Which toners do you prefer?

I will be happy to hear what you think and what products you like!

Thank you very much for your attention.

Have an amazing day!

Hugs and kisses,



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