Makeup facts: Five interesting facts about Korean Cosmetics

Korean cosmetics

Hello, gorgeous!

About a year ago I discovered the Korean cosmetics with their cutest packaging, delicious scents and high quality of the products. Lots of Korean makeup and skincare items have become the staples in my everyday routine. And I wanted to share some interesting facts about the famous asian beauty industry that might explain why Korean cosmetics gain more and more popularity all over the world.

Fact #1: Cutest packaging ever!

The first time you see some Korean cosmetics items the first thing you notice is how cute and toylike the packaging is. It brings so much joy and delight to inner child in each and every one of us. I can’t help to admire these adorable pandas, deliciously looking fruits or heart-shaped lipsticks. Beautiful colors and interesting shapes is extremely important in terms of increasing the competitiveness of Korean cosmetics on the local market as girls and young ladies prefer fun cute packaging of their makeup or skincare products.

Fact #2: The Government controls it all.

The government in South Korea plays a huge role in how the whole cosmetics industry functions, as it supports the local brands, controls the quality of the ingredients used, purchases the most technically developed modern equipment and cosmetic formulas, subsidizes research laboratories. All these facts raise the overall quality of the products and significantly decreases one’s chances to get any allergies or bad reactions to the products.

Fact #3: Brightening is the most desired effect.

And it is true for all Korean women who value white and bright skin over any tan or cute freckles. It is one of the main beauty standards in the country and it’s no wonder that the majority of products produced are aimed at whitening and brightening results. And honestly, Korean brands are really good at this purpose – their products really work.

Fact #4: Skin hydration is everything.

The majority of asian women have very thin and dry skin and as a result their main demand to the skin care products they use is a very high level of hydration. Korean moisturizers are literally the best in the world and at the same time they normally have very light and fast absorbing texture. Korean skincare routine also includes several steps of skin hydration process starting with light serums and up to very thick creams if needed.

Fact #5: Clean skin is the best skin.

And also due to very humid climatic environment and high level of air pollution it is crucial to use very good cleansers to purify and clean your skin in order to avoid any blemishes or imperfections. And all Korean women since their childhood pay a lot of attention to the ritual of skin exfoliating and cleansing. That is why all Korean brands are so good at producing best cleansers you’ll ever see on the market. Their toners, makeup removing oils or foams and cleansers are just a perfect solution if you suffer from acne and clogged pores – as with several steps of their cleansing routine you will feel the absolute purity of your skin.

I hope that this post was useful and interesting for you. If you have any questions – please leave them in the comments down below and I will be happy to answer them!

Thank you very much for your attention.

Have an amazing day!

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12 thoughts on “Makeup facts: Five interesting facts about Korean Cosmetics

  1. Aaah! Korean cosmetics really are the cutest! I have some stuff from TonyMoly and it’s adorable. I want to buy everything regardless of whether it works or not.

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