Sunday makeup news: Essie 2015 Summer Resort Collection

Essie Summer 2015 Resort Collection Hello, gorgeous! The spring has just started but the cosmetic companies are already looking forward to summer and we see more and more summer collections being launched. And one of my most favorite nail polish brand – Essie – keeps up with the trend with the new awesome Resort collection, consisting of four summery shades. I personally love Essie nail polishes due to the fact that they stay on my nails for ages, especially paired with the Essie Frist Base and the Good to go fast drying top coat. And I tend to buy more and more of the Essie creamy colors as they perfectly suit my style. So there is basically no chance that i will miss this gorgeous colorful resort collection – I have already chosen at least one polish that I’d love to have in my collection. Essie Summer 2015 Resort Collection The new resort collection for 2015 is featuring four beautiful shades, that definitely remind us of summer weather, gold sands on the beach, late night sky and juicy fruits. As usual Essie provides description of their new nail polishes that might be very helpful is you chose the color online. One of my favorite nail polishes of the bunch is the Essie Suit Retreat, as it seems to be quite unique as you could rarely see anything like this on the market. The company describes the color as ‘blissed out blue orchid’ and it’s a funny description, but you can definitely see the blue orchid in the deep blue-ish purple cream color. There are two nudes in the collection and Essie says that the Essie Time for me time is the ‘iridescent blush sheer pink’ and if you’ve seen the swatches already it looks exactly like that – pretty sheer and iridescent and very office appropriate if you have to spend some of your summer time working but you still want to have a bit of summer on your nails. And the second nude color is a delicious Essie Cocoa Karma that is described as ‘molten milk chocolate’ that looks as tasty as it sounds. And I personally think it will look most gorgeous on the tan skin and on the beach. And finally there’s a splash of color with Essie Stones ‘n’ roses that is a ‘petal pink coral’ and one of the most popular summer shades for nail polishes. I believe that I already own a couple of similar nail polishes, but if you don’t I recommend to check this one out as you will most definitely get a very nice cream texture along with extreme longevity of wear. And the shade is worth having in your collection. All of the polishes retail for $8.50 and could already be spotted in stores. Do you like Essie nail polishes? What do you think about this 2015 Resort collection? Do you find any of these colors interesting? Thank you very much for your attention. Have an amazing day! Hugs and kisses, Dorothea


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