Hit or Miss: Bourjois Silk Edition Compact Powder

Bourjois Silk Edition Compact Powder

Hello, gorgeous!

Today we are going to talk about one of the recent products from Bourjois – their new compact powder. I love to use powder quite often, especially when I have a full face makeup, or to set my foundation and even out my skin tone. I believe that powder is one of the most basic makeup items with the most extensive history out there – and there’s a reason for it – powder is a magic product, that instantly alters your look. And that is why it is so important to get the right one.

The Bourjois Silk Edition Compact Powder (£9.99 or $15.00) comes in a variety of shades, mostly suitable for light to medium skin tones. The shades are quite limited in color so even the deepest powder would look ashy on deeper skin tones. It also comes in a compact form that makes it quite convenient to us on the go, although I’m not the biggest fan of how the packaging was executed – it has an easily rotative mirror that I don’t thinkI could get much use out of. But if you ignore the fact that it rotates for the unknown reason – the mirror is quite big enough and could be useful. Overall, the oval packaging looks nice, is made of a very pleasant to touch plastic and closes pretty well. You also get a very nice amount of powder in the volume of 9 g or 0.31 oz.

As for the powder itself – I own two shades of the line: 52 Vanilla and 53 Golden Beige – one shade for winter skin tone and one for summer as I don’t get much tan but still need a shade darker for a powder not to look too light. The color Vanilla is lighter than Golden beige, less yellow and more of a beige-pink shade. Both powders perform the same on the skin with a little bit of a color difference, but basically you can get away with it if you chose a shade darker or lighter – it won’t be that noticeable.

Bourjois Silk Edition Compact Powder Swatch in 52 Vanilla and 53 Golden Beige
Bourjois Silk Edition Compact Powder Swatch in 52 Vanilla and 53 Golden Beige

It terms of application this powder shows up wonderfully – it is very silky and finely milled, just like the name states, applies easily, doesn’t look patchy or dry on the skin. It acts well both on top of the foundation and over a day cream or base. It depends on what kind of brush you use to apply the powder – if the brush is very stiff it will get a lot of product and you might need to use a little more time to blend it out, though it won’t be too extreme. If you use a fluffy kind of powder brush – you won’t have any problem with the product.

What I like most about this powder is that how natural it looks on the skin as you can’t even say that I’m having powder on my face. And it stays on perfectly till the end of day before I wash off my makeup. This could be a credit for my dry to combination kind of skin but I don’t get any shine throughout the day even though I tend to get a little shiny on my forehead, but the powder doesn’t look flat – it looks like a normal healthy skin.

If you are looking for a powder with light coverage suitable for summer days and invisible on your skin I can definitely recommend the Bourjois Silk Edition Compact Powder as it really does what it says: the product is soft and it can smooth pores and even the skin tone. And I’m happy that I got both shades as I have been using this powder quite often lately and I will be using it in summer for sure. It is definitely a hit!

What do you think about this Bourjois powder? Do you have this product or plan to buy one?

If you have any questions – please leave them in the comments down below and I will be happy to answer them.

Thank you very much for your attention.

Have an amazing day!

Hugs and kisses,



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