Makeup facts: the man who invented concealer

max factor concealer history

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Yesterday we were talking about highlighting concealers in my most recent blog post. And while I was writing the article about my most favorite concealers that I tend to use quite often to do my daily makeup looks I wondered how the concealer – that we all know, love and use nowadays – was ever created. And trust me, there quite a story behind its invention!

The century long history of modern concealer started in the years of active filming in Hollywood nearly a hundred of years ago. Famous actress wanted to always look gorgeous on the screen and they needed something that could have been used to erase skin marks, hide fine line, fill in pores and brighten up the face. The foundations that were used at this time were not able to completely meet their requirements.

The person who basically created the first thin enough foundation and thereafter the first ever concealer for hollywood actresses and actors was well-known Max Factor. His innovative approach to stage makeup allowed him to create his own business and bring makeup products to the society. By the way, who also brought the word ‘make-up’ to our everyday life.

Max Factor was the most famous and respected makeup artist of his time and his extensive experience with people’s skin  features and texture allowed him to create the makeup that soon became extremely popular among ordinary people. And already in the year of 1920 he launched his first consumer makeup products.

Addressing the need of Hollywood artistic society and the wants of general public to look more alike their favorite movie characters Max Factor presented the first ever concealer – the Max Factor Erace Concealer. It was created in a stick form – as a cream concealer was in a lipstick-like tube. It was easy to apply, did not crease and was really good at hiding imperfections of the face. The Erace concealer exists even nowadays and comes in a variety of shades.

max factor erace concealer history
Erace concealer in 1954 (left) and nowadays (right).

Max Factor created a lot of different products that we all keep using everyday doing our makeup. His inventions survived years of cosmetics’ evolution and his vision of beauty influenced the way we look today. I cannot imagine skipping concealer for special events or not using it when I have dark circles or skin imperfections. And I think that a concealer is one of the greatest inventions that the makeup industry could have ever brought to our lives.

I hope this post was entertaining and informative for you. If you have any questions – please leave them in the comments down below. I will be happy to know what you think about the concealer and its history!

Thank you very much for your attention.

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4 thoughts on “Makeup facts: the man who invented concealer

  1. Great post! It was so much fun reading it & who would’ve thought it was a man named Max Factor, who created this tube of awesomeness! And I find that the old gold packaging is to die for! So glamourous looking!

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