Sunday makeup news: New MAC Collections for Spring 2015


Hello, gorgeous!

There is no chance for spring to start without new colorful, gorgeous brand-new products from the makeup world trendsetter – MAC Cosmetics. The company celebrated the beginning of Spring with three new collections in all possible color and theme diversity. Mac is known for their outstanding limited editions and two out of three collections were not able to escape the faith.

Eyes on Mac Collection is the only one featuring permanent products for the spring and is supposed to provide you with everything you need to create new unique looks. Collections consists of different types of eyeshadow palettes – containing either 9 or 15 MAC famous eyeshadows from the permanent line. All the colors in pallets are well-coordinated and presented in a variety of textures and effects. The eyeshadows pallets in combination of nine eyeshadows present four color themes – amber, burgundy, purple and navy, suitable for different eye colors. And the fifteen eyeshadows pallets, that have already existed in cool and warm neutral shades, remain the same

mac baobaowan

Mac Bao Bao Wan Collection was created in collaboration with one of the most prominent Chinese ‘artist, pop philosopher, muse and jewelry designer, the style star’ Bao Bao Wan. The collection created with her help is devoted to aesthetic beauty of a woman focusing mainly on rich gold, bronze, jewel colors accompanied by beautifully designed packaging with the signature of the creator. Collection features a gorgeous pearlfusion shadow pallets in brown, gold, grey, pink and bronze colors along with colorful lipsticks, glowing face powder and jewel-colored nail polishes.

mac juliapetit

And finally there is an amazing MAC Julia Petit collection from the collaborative work of MAC and a famous Brazilian lifestyle blogger Julia Petit. A beauty icon from Saõ Paolo brings a fresh urbanistic approach to colors missed with ‘sun-kissed’ hues to well-known MAC products. Collection presents three new, all limited edition lipsticks in pink, red and violet colors as well as sheer peach lipgloss and a black liner. The centerpiece of her collection belongs to the eyeshadow duo well suited with the repromoted Luster Drops in corresponding pink color and a bronzy powder blush and Prep+Prime transparent powder.

Those collections are supposed to become available starting march in United States and during April in the rest of the world.

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