Makeup facts: 1920’s lips

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Hello, gorgeous!

The year of 1920 marked the new era of prosperity and growth as the post-war period left enough space for self-expression, inner development, creation of ideals and perfectionism in life, appearances and culture. This period received a very glamorous name – “Annés Folles” maning “Crazy Years” due to rapid and extremely fruitful social and cultural leap.

Women all over the world started realizing their role in the society, demanding everything that rightfully belonged to them, replacing men on traditional male job positions and fighting for what they truly believed in. And what is conquering the world without a gorgeous scarlet lipstick?

Roaring Twenties celebrated the beauty of a woman and her widely recognized wish to always look her best. The development of makeup skyrocketed and women were presented with a decent choice of makeup products to enhance their natural features. And women were no way shy to use this opportunity to compete with men and achieve new heights in their personal and professional lives.

A very typical makeup look of those years was based on the famous cupid-bow shaped lips cover with the red lipstick of various tones often paired with the same color of the nail varnish. Noteworthy,  the lipstick in a twist-tube as we all know it today was created in this period of time. And a lot of brands we know and rely on today got their start and became well-known in 1920’s – Revlon, Bourjois, Helena Rubinstein, Maybelline, Max Factor, Shiseido, to name a few.

Despite a vast number of cosmetic products developed at that time everyone’s attention was strongly focused on the lips and nowadays dark red sharply outlined lips are mostly associated with 1920’s. This makeup move was a statement look at these days and it has remained one of the easiest ways to make a statement using beauty products up to date. With all the hype with nude colors, transparent glosses we have never seen the iconic red lipstick leave the counter. Those lipsticks always become the iconic product of a brand, its face, and every company releases their special red color each year allowing each and every one of us to find our perfect red lip, no matter what skin color or undertone we have. And there’s no surprise that this look always deserves to be called bold – as the women were in 1920’s.

On the March 8th – Women’s International Day (whether its a holiday in your country or not)  I would like to congratulate you with the celebration of your beauty and gentleness but first of all I want to wish you all lots of new achievements in your life, new horizons to conquer, new ideas to implement, new life changes to overcome and to always remain bold, brave and strong as the women were a century ago.

And let’s prove United nations for 2015 right – Empowering women, empowering humanity!

Thank you very much for your attention.

Have an amazing day!

Hugs and kisses,


Interesting make-up product: Nars “Années Folles” Larger than Life lip Gloss – if you feel that there’s still a little way to go for a red lip but want to feel the twenties – there’s a gorgeous lavender lipgloss with extreme shine for you. 


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