Review of the day: Clinique All About Eyes rich eye cream

Today I would like to present you one of the staples of the my skincare routine. I tend to use concealers/highlighters on my under-eye area on daily basis and therefore it is crucial to make this delicate and sensitive area always look good. If the under eye area is not moisturized enough the chances are that you will have creasing even with the best concealers on the market and you won’t be able to avoid dry patches. I spent more than a year to find the eye cream, that would meet my requirements in terms of moisture effect, the ability to deal with the dark circles and to prepare the skin for further make-up application, and I happy to say I have found the one – Clinique All About Eyes rich eye cream.

Clinique is one of those brands that stay devoted to the quality of the products they produced and as a result – more often than not you get a very reliable product that works. And Clinique All About Eyes rich eye cream ($31.00 for 0.5 oz) has been released quite a while ago and already deserved love and support of many people all over the world.

The product comes in a light orangey semi-translucent plastic jar with the silver-colored cap. The jar packaging always get not the best reviews in terms of preservation of acting ingredients. But in defense of this particular packaging I have to say that it closes very well. The eye cream has a very light, nearly white, peachy color and has slight barely noticeable creamy scent to it, although Clinique states its fragrance free.

CLINIQUE All About Eyes™ Rich
CLINIQUE All About Eyes™ Rich

Upon application it absorbs extremely quickly, doesn’t feel greasy or oily and you might feel a tiny bit tingle as I suppose it acting against dark circles. As for moisturizing properties it is definitely the best choice on the market, moreover it works well with the concealers I have and you can visibly tell that the area under the eyes is no more dry and lifeless. As for dark circles I cannot say I have that big of a problem but the cream does provide a slight brightening effect that is enough for me, but I doubt it will decrease really dark and intense dark circles. And finally this eye cream works well on puffiness taking into account my age.

Overall, I can honestly recommend this eye cream to everyone of every age range who is looking for a good under-eye moisturizer as does the job. For dark circles and puffs it still quite questionable as it depends heavily on personal preferences and the intensity of influence you expect from the product as no products are magical. This is already my second jar of this eye cream and the fact that it’s not the first time I mention this product in my blog does support my opinion on it.

If you have any questions – leave them in the comments below and I would be glad to answer them!

Thank you very much for your attention.

Have an amazing day!

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