Sunday makeup news: Charlotte Tilbury Nordstrom Event

Charlotte Tilbury makeup

Hello, gorgeous!

Today is sunday and what can honestly be more relaxing than getting some exciting news out of the makeup world? As you may or may not know, a new makeup brand is out there to conquer our hearts – and its the genius creation of the talented,  beautiful and inimitable British make-up artist – Charlotte Tilbury.

She has been into makeup since childhood, and being devoted to make-up she graduated the Clauca Rossi School of Make-up and became one of the most famous and recognizable makeup artist in the world. Her deep understanding of the make-up, the need of the industry and our everyday necessity of looking good resulted in 2013 in creation of her own make-up brand of her name. The unique quality of her cosmetics meeting the current trends of modern make-up world made her brand of the most attractive one, bringing it instantly to the very top of make-up brands in many countries all over the world.

Recent Norstrom event held on the 24th of February 2015 was exclusively devoted to the launch of Charlotte’s new Goddess skin Clay Mask, which has already been raved about amongst those who could get their hands on it before its official retail release. Her presence at the event was a blast and caused everyone’s admiration!

No wonder, she is so popular and receives a lot of praises – her products earned their ‘magic’ status! One of her most prominent make-up achievements are know to be the Filmstar Bronze&Glow palette for countering ($68.00), Full Fat Lashes ($29.00), Charlotte’s Magic Cream ($100.00), Multi-Miracle Glow ($60.00), Wonderglow primer ($55.00), Lip Cheat lip pencils ($22.00). Those products are definitely up there in the price but have already earned quite a reliable reputation. And the rose gold packaging is old Hollywood and alluring!

Charlotte Tilbury definitely deserves a lot of respect for all her admirable work and I believe that the world of fashion and make-up does need more people like her with wonderful new ideas and magic products!

What do you think about Charlotte’s make-up products? What would you like to try? And if you already own some of her products – I will be happy to hear what you think!

Thank you very much for your attention.

Have an amazing day!

Hugs and kisses,



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